Friday, September 19, 2008

When MONCLER Took The Hood By Storm...

Goldmine's Amber made a statement about the infamous Moncler jacket that I'll never forget :

" If I'm going to spend $800+ on a jacket , it better be some exclusive shit. Something that everyone doesn't have. " - Ambeezie.

...She couldn't have said it any better. Don't get me wrong...Moncler's are extremely nice & all but it just hit me that I would be paying a ridiculous amount of money for a jacket that I can't say is " not worn by everyone " , because it is. WHY MUST THE HOOD ABUSE SHIT ?! SMFH.
Let's take a look at the wonderful Moncler's that I'll never spend my father's hard earned money on :

( sigh ) Maybe one day I'll be willing to spend $800+ on one of these...

But for now , I'll leave it to the hoodrat's & nigga's who can't pay their cell phone bill but stay with Gucci & shit rock these. No I'm not a hater or anything , I'm being honest. The fact that everyone has one now , no longer makes the jacket exclusive. They've become like North Face's ! Trust me , I'd rather spend $800+ on a pair of fucking Louboutins.

Want to be apart of the epidemic ? Get one here : Moncler At Bloomingdales.

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  1. Clearly You Want To Be Part Of The Epidemic If You Want A Pair Of Red Bottoms
    If Hollywood Was Trully A Most Official Bitch, Then She Wouldn`t Be Worried About What The Hood Have, But How She Can Wear It && Not Make It Hood But Rather Live Up To Her Name && Make It `Wood
    && Dont Follow What Anybody Has To Say About Fashion, A TRUE MOB Chicks Set The Standards While Others Follow
    && SMH At AmSleezie..She`s Clueless To The Fashion World Period.