Friday, February 27, 2009

2009 Oscar Beauty

Alicia Keys.

Penelope Cruz.

Kate Winslet.

Taraji P. Henson.

Miley Cyrus.

Angelina Jolie.

MOB BEST DRESSED PICK - Sarah Jessica Parker.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Drake x Complex Magazine.

It may sound heavily clichéd by now, but all Aubrey “Drake” Graham wants to do is keep it real. The Toronto-bred rapper who gained fame by playing basketball star Jimmy Brooks on the teen TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation has no intentions of fabricating his past or lying about the number of women he’s smashed off. He even has no problem talking about how he leased a Rolls Royce Phantom with his TV money just so he could stunt.

In this interview with Drake, he discusses any and everything going on in his life, from drama with ex-girls to family problems most would keep under wraps.
Here's a tad bit of the interview :

Complex: Many people don’t know too much about your outside of your role in Degrassi. Were you always into music?

Drake: As far as music goes, it’s always been a major part of my life. My uncle is Larry Graham played bass for Prince, my father, Dennis Graham, wrote for Al Green. [He helped] write “Let’s Stay Together” and “Love & Happiness.” My dad drummed for Jerry Lee Lewis. I’ve always been around great music. My family being from Memphis, Tenn, growing up around all the hip hop—Thee Six Mafia, Kingpin Skimmy Pimp, early Yo Gotti, shit like that was kinda what really influenced me.
How I got into rapping was, my dad was in jail for two years and he shared a cell wit this dude who didn’t really have anyone to speak to. So, he used to share his phone time with this dude and at the time I was probably 16 or 17, this dude was like 20-22, and he would always rap to me over the phone—it was Poverty, that was his rap name.

Complex: Talk to us about So Far Gone. What was the idea behind it?

Drake: It’s basically a story. It starts in January 2008 when I was kinda confused like, What am I really doing? I gave up acting all together to really do this music thing, and I was really truly confused. It’s way different than acting, there aren’t people to depend on, you really have to build your own thing basically from the ground up, you know, so in January not only was I confused about my career, I was also in a very destructive sort of us exhausting relationship with a female and it was just a bad headspace for me to be in. So that’s where the tape starts.

Complex: You brag a lot about different clothing brands. Which brands are you currently into?

Drake: One day to day that I always represent is Ransom. Matt George owns a clothing line along with Oliver, I represent them to the fullest. I love Comme des Garçons I wear that a lot. Helmut Lang, Nom de Guerre. Public School’s dope. I wear a lot of Marc Jacobs stuff. I really just wear whatever—I’m not really a hipster fashion dude, I wear wild shit like Jordan sweats and socks and sandals. I don’t get dressed up to get my license renewed, but when I step out I like to look presentable and I like to dress up, I like to wear nice Armani suits. But those are some brands I definitely like.

Complex: Where do you like to shop?

Drake: My favorite place to go shopping would probably be Barney’s. I shop at Nomad here in Toronto. I don’t want to start talking to crazy about clothes ’cause I know there are some guys who are super into it and they’re going to read this like, “Aw man what the fuck?” I know I rap about that shit, but it’s just cause at the moment I really might be about to put on a Margiela tux. I like YSL, too, I like YSL a lot. But yeah, I just don’t want ’Ye to read this and be like, “What the fuck is this dude talking about?”


Louis Vuitton x Women's Cruise 2009 Catalogue.

Video of the week

Jamie Foxx ft T-pain- Blame it

Lil' Wayne x Criminal Gun Charges

Lil' Wayne looks like he's in for even more trouble. The rapper will face criminal gun possession charges at a trial scheduled to begin April 20, a New York judge said on Tuesday. Prosecutors allege a gun was found in his tour bus in July 2007 and if Wayne is convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of up to 15 years in prison.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kanye's new boo.

Rapper Kanye West has been seen out on dates with video model Amber Rose, who’s known for dancing and appearing in music videos such as Ludacris’ “What Them Girls Like,” Young Jeezy’s “Vacation,” and for her very sexy, half-naked photo shoot for Smooth Magazine.

Lil Wayne tats Tyga

Well who would have knew Lil Wayne has so much hobbies other than rapping.Young Money artist Tyga trusts Weezy enough to put a vibrating needle to his face for some permanent ink. However, make sure you pay attention to the reasoning behind that tattoo that Wayne explains in the beginning.

P.S. thanks to my friend Maine for giving me this idea. ==]

Sunday, February 22, 2009

ELLE March 09.

The new ELLE magazine just arrived with Jessica Alba. In this months issue, she talks about her giving birth and her secert on keeping slim after the birth and on having an exotic look.

Silk racer-back dress with python piping, Atuzarra, $1,850.
Leather sandals, Fendi, $640. On designer: Jacket, Rick Owens.
T-shirt, American Apparel. Jeans, Levi’s.

Friday, February 20, 2009

About two weekends ago..

...MOB linked up with Lia for a get together at her house.
As soon as we got there we were greeted by all who we didn't see in a long time. Then we sat down; chatted & caught up with our friends. We also met new friends..nothing new with MOB. But it wasnt long before Leontae and Mike started to act like this ....

Then we got restless,hungry,and

We then ordered pizza & acted as if we never ate before =\. Then as MOB said goodbye we took group pictures to remember Lia's get together.

Today on 106 & Park..

Kid Cudi and Kanye West showed their new videos; Kid Cudi's-Day & Night and Kanye West's-Welcome to Heartbreak. Both videos were colorful and told a story. Both of these artist are some of my favorite rappers alongg side Lil Wayne and Drake.

Kanye West had on a Pastelle red varsity with black and gold patches with the letter "K" on the left of the jacket with his LV x Kanye West sneakers in white. Kid Cudi wore the red LV x Kanye West sneakers, limited edition LV coin purse, Bape socks and Leather jacket.

While chatting with Terrence and Rocsi Kid; Cudi and Kanye West freestyled...

check out the new videos.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Video of the week

Its old but I like it

Nike Boots - Wale

Also Ciara ft. Young Jeezy

Never Ever - Ciara
idk i think she had too much weave..

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kid Cudi arrested !?

Kid Cudi Tasered, Arrested During Reebok All-Star Weekend Party

Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi was reportedly involved in a fight while attending an NBA All-Star Weekend party in Phoenix this weekend.While details are sketchy, the rapper is said to have gotten into a verbal altercation with Reebok employees at the shoe company's All-Star celebration, which then escalated into a physical fight.Sources say the argument was sparked when Cudi refused to wear Reebok shoes on stage, and instead worn Jordans.Police were called, and the incident ended with Kid Cudi being tasered when authorities couldn't control him, and then arrested.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day 2009!


I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day & they spend it with someone close to them.

Doesn't this cupcake look amazing? My mom got it for me as a gift & in return I got her a huge bouquet of flowers ♥.
Peep the kiss on the cupcakeee.
M.O.C. - Most Official Cupcake. =p

Lol, anyways enjoyyyy your Valentine's Day; hopefully I'll be enjoying mine too.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oscar De La Renta Spring 2009.

As most of you know, most designers introduced their Spring 2009 collections a couple of months ago during the Fashion Weeks around the globe. As I was sitting here reviewing the pictures from the runway shows of all the different designer caught my eye. Oscar De La Renta.

The outfits shown below are impeccable. People like him remind me why the fashion industry is an important part of my life.

Here are the outfits that caught my eye:



The Brand New Shiny Shit From MTTM.

The new Married To The Mob fitted's are here! I absolutely adore them, I think they're pretty cute. Although, I don't wear fitted's & stuff of that sort so I doubt I'll be purchasing one of these...but nonetheless, they are still appealing to the eye.

Get Your's Here: Married To The MOB.

Lil Wayne on CBS =]

So Late night on CBS, with other Grammy artist Lil Wayne, had an interview with Katie Couric. In the interview Katie asked some questions that the world didn't expect Wayne to answer. He answered it in such a articulate way... I'm proud of him. I honestly thought he was going to say stupid little one word answers. Yay Wayne. Katie got the privilege to bowl with Lil Wayne in which he said he's been bowling since the age of 16. Katie asked why did he take the D off Dwayne.. He answered because " I'm a Jr. , and I didn't know my father, he was never in my life" So i guess he felt he doesn't deserve to be a Jr. of his father because he's a good father to his two kids now age 10 years and 2 months. Then he continues on to say "I'm a gangster..I don't take nothing from no one!" Throughout school Wayne has been a straight A student. He explains his habits of drinking "syrup" and he says " I stand up for marijuana...I LOVE to smoke". My favorite part of this interview is the very last part.. too bad you have to watch the video to find out =]

Kudos to Lil Wayne

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Louis Vuitton X Stephen Sprouse

Stephen Sprouse was a NY legend in the art, fashion, music scene running around with Warhol, Blondie & Basquiat. Sprouse could be credited of the marriage of graffiti and fashion with his collection in 1983. He was the first designer to have a store in Soho, and the first to “destroy” a LV bag in his iconic collaboration with Marc Jacobs. Now this sneaker pays homage to all of Stephen Sprouse’s pursuits , will be available in very limited quantities retail price is unknown.
In admiration of late fashion designer Stephen Sprouse, Louis Vuitton’s creative director Marc Jacobs will be revisiting his previous 2001 collaboration with Sprouse as inspiration for a 2009 collection. The new looks of accessories and ready-to-wear garments combine Sprouse-styled graffiti and rose motifs alongside Jacobs designs of course.
In Soho.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Married To The MOB - Spring '09 Collection.

Spring 2009 Baby!
One word: AMAZING.
Oh & peep the model, Kid Sister. "Got her toes done up, with her fingernails matching." :)
I'll definitely be purchasing some of this soon, along with the rest of MOB.

Get some here: Married To The Mob.