Friday, November 26, 2010

Gucci 18kt Gold Icon Ring

Gucci has a wonderful bracelet with a classic look to it. Although it has the logo's all over it still looks very iconic and also reminds me of Kanye West and his love for gold jewelry.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy ThanksGiving from MOB =)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Alexander McQueen and Alex Wang Spring 2011 Bags

Before you know it Spring 2011 will be here! So ladies I hope your saving up and males I hope your paying attention. . . Alexander McQueens and Alex Wang have some very chic bags coming out. If your the type of girl who doesn't really do the big bags. .like me but will wear a loud clutch, then these McQueen 's are for you. If you the female who LOVES the big bags (like Saddity) then Alex Wang bags are perfect for you !

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011
The signature skulls and ornate detailing remains, though what happens to the brand’s status sans McQueen as perceived by both retailers and customers will be interesting to watch.

Alex Wang Spring 2011

Saturday, November 20, 2010

GQ Personal Style with John Legend

GQ Personal Style with John Legend gets into the act as well and shares with readers his insights into fashion. Legend talks extensively about Kanye West and his unusual fashion of tattoo-inspired clothing. Definitely an interesting read from one of music’s best talents.

I think the first thing I bought was sneakers.

For my parents, at the time, a $40 pair of sneakers was kind of expensive, so if we wanted to buy them, we had to save up our allowance. I would buy whatever the coolest shoe of the time was. Do you remember British Knights?

My peers in the music business tend to wear sunglasses at the wrong time.

They overuse sunglasss at night and in the club. It makes you look uncool if you’re wearing them all the time – and why not look in people’s eyes when you talk to them?

We were all in the studio when Kanye said he wanted to do a song called ”Christian Dior Denim Flow”.

He wanted to represent the fashion, jet-setter life. He shouted out some of his favourite models – good thing he’s single right now! I couldn’t get away with that one.

I’ve been buying some Billy Reid stuff recently.

He has a really cool, Anglo-American style, leaning towards the rougher, work side of things. I just got this beautiful Alexander McQueen wool duffel coat. Gorgeous. I love it. It’s going to be my go-to coat for tough winters in New York.

The biggest style mistake men make?
I don’t like to name the brand but that tattoo-style clothing. I hate that stuff. It’s just like a marker saying, “I’m a douchebag.” Michael Jackson wore it but he could pull off costumey-type things. He was a superstar. He had a licence other people don’t have.

I thought I was a well-dressed student.

But when I look back now, no… That’s the thing about clothes – you think you’re looking good at the time. I thoughtI was a well-dressed dude. When I was in New York trying to get a record deal, I went through this super-funky phase where I grew my hair out and I tried to be a little more rock star than it was natural for me to be. The hair got big and it was dreaded up. You know those pictures of young Bob Marley before his dreads grew out? Natty fro!

Spike Lee has a great eye.

Do The Right Thing is a classic. I loved Malcolm X. 25th Hourwith Ed Norton was really good. I even loved the one he did with Clive Owen and Denzel Washington, Inside Man. He is awesome. And he’s not afraid to speak out.

No, I do not jog in Lanvin.

I doubt if Kanye does too. But it’s a good story. He’s good at myth-making, but a lot of it’s real. He likes telling it because it has a grandiosity.

Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2011 Preview

Remember just a few days back, we showed you the denim Rollerboy shoes, we can now give you a look at several SS11 Christian Louboutin mens sneakers. Metal rivets and studs remain a key focus, though we see several new approaches in their application. I'm not too sure about the red/white/blue shoe, bit if you can swag it out, kudos to you. As fas as the the all black with major gold spikes, I love that but I'm not sure if it tops the leopard spiked Loubi shoe. What do you men think ?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

October's Very Own x Canada Goose

The October’s Very Own collective involves Drake, Noah “40″ Shebib and Oliver El-Khatib as it represents the company to Drake’s various creative projects. In a fashion collaboration, OVO team-up with fellow Canadian entity Canada Goose to create their own version of the popular Chilliwack jacket. Originally conceived as outerwear for Canadian bush pilots, the jacket now incorporates references to the US N-3B Aircrew Heavy Zone jacket as it includes nylon twill satin as well as a coyote firm trim. The jacket is limited to 300 pieces and will retail through Nomad, Nom De Guerre, Nepenthes, colette and Opening Ceremony. A suggested retail price is set at $900 USD

P.S. Drake was one out of the Four to win the spot of GQ "Breakout Man of the Year" YAY DRIZZY! On another notes there's been whispers about Drake's title for his sophomore album . . "Take Care" For the moment (of course) he's mentioned working with 40 but hopes to do some collabo's with Justin Timberlake

The Brooklyn Circus Varsity Vest

You've seen their wonderful Fall line before, now the debut their Varsity Vest. The vest takes on a classy, clean cut look, created in the USA with the finest of materials; finished off with the brand’s signature crest, wool body, and quilted satin lining. Limited quantities are now available through BKc stores on both coasts, including New York and San Francisco.

Simply Intricate!

"Simply Intricate" launched their new collection this past weekend, bringing out a fashion forward crowd. The 16 piece line in titled "luxury tax" is now available with a variety of great fits, bold statements, futuristic designs, and also easy on the wallet.

Lamb Skin Fur Vest From The "Luxury Tax Collection"

Fe, The designer posing with a jacket from the Simply Intricate "Luxury Tax Collection"

Stop By The Wagon Boutique and pick up your Sexy & Stylish piece!!!

The Wagon Boutique
1214 Union Street
Brooklyn, N.Y 11225

Jay-Z's Decoded x Gucci Bomber

Hov is releasing an autobiographical book in titled "Decoded" which touches his life from growing up in Marcy Projects to being a Hip Hop Mogul! Jay-Z teamed up with Bing for a scavenger hunt of select pages from his book, which were hidden in different cities around the world. Gucci also took part in Jay's game, and Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini designed the jacket that remained in the NYC Fifth Avenue flagship store window until the book went on sale today. Finally, after the book is released, the one-of-kind leather jacket will be given to Jay-Z as a gift. SWEEET!

"Exclusive leather bomber jacket with two pages from the book on the interior lining. ."

"Cover of Jay-Z's Decoded"

Friday, November 12, 2010

"Whats My Name" Official Video!

The Rihanna I love & missed, and it's safe to say she is back! Rihanna teamed up with Drake on her single 'What's My Name' and now has an official video that she shot right here in NYC! I was definitely missing this vibrant and upbeat Rihanna. . Check out some pics & the video below!!

It was probably easy for Rihanna & Drake to have such intimacy for the video, looked so real. Ahh I loved it! How about you?!

Louboutin goes denim!

The popular "Studded Spikes" by Christian Louboutin has gone denim. Christian Louboutin's spiked design was very big in it's variety of leather styles and now there is a denim version. This could be worn on a more casual outing (to me) but to each is own! The navy denim w. the wooden sole are a good look though, don't you think?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nicki Minaj x Black Men Mag

Nicki does another "WOW" issue of Black Men's Magazine for their special SSX tribute issue that will be released later on this month.

Kanye West in Dept

I LOVE Kanye West and we all know that but, in this interview where he its down Minnesota Radio Station, I feel as if he puts himself on a high pedestal. But can you blame him NO, people use to play him before. . now look his career is at the highest peek. Watch this very explanatory interview. .
Part 1
On Blogs Influence And The Way He Chooses To Dress

When I was at the Grammy’s right when I got exposed to blogs, it was like the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. Do you remember this outfit that I had? When I had on these glasses, like these really cool shades on and my chest was out with all these chains and stuff…. I was like this is what I want to do and then the next day I so these blogs was like he was wearing gloves and he had this.. Basically tried to comprise me and beat me into the submission of regular walking down the streetness. I can’t do that anymore. I don’t base my taste level off what the trends are

On Cutting off Taylor Swift

So with the Bush moment there was a lack of compassion that we saw and then with my moment…Taylor this 12 year old…18 year-old girl… me cutting her off showed a lack of compassion with everything she went [through] to deserve this one moment. That caused her to like go off and have 100 magazine covers and sell million in the first week. That shouldn’t even be categorized with the greatest living artist that we have to date to be put in the same category. It’s just disrespectful, it’s retarded! For me, you can see the amount of work that we put into this…I put my entire life into this…I put my life on the line…

It’s like what’s so arrogant about that moment? If anything, it’s selfless. If anything, I’m walking around now with half an arm trying to sell albums, and having to go in walk in rooms and be afraid of my food getting spit in. I’ve lost all totally respect for you! And no one just wants to sit and look at the reality. Let’s just look at the 2+2=4 Okay it’s the best album; it’s the best video of the decade. The most influential, the most memorable…you can’t tell me anything that we remember more in the past ten years.

So the audacity of it losing anything, anything. It should be like Lauryn Hill, she won all those Grammy’s and she couldn’t lose. Guaranteed if it was the other way around and Taylor Swift was 12-15 years into the game and on her 40th video or a 50th video and she made the video of her career….do you think she would have lost to a brand new artist? Hell No!

More on cutting off Taylor Swift

The idea of cutting someone off at an award show…I didn’t know that was so new. I didn’t know it was the first time you know that the music ever played on someone. If you take The Dream, who wrote Single Ladies at the Grammy’s, as soon as he wanted to say something they completely played the music before he could say “Hi” to his mom or anything.

So there’s no reality to the situation but then also, what I learned is there is no reality to celebrity and because of everything that I’ve been through, it’s lead me to the point to be able to be way more an expressive artist. Deal with way more reality. You can’t anything away from me at this point. Canceling tours. I was touring with Lady Gaga. I completely lost everything but I completely gained everything because I lost the fear.

on Michael

Jesus died for our sins…Michael died for the sins of our media..Jesus had the bible..he had Wikipedia

I feel like fighting that battle that Michael had. I fight it also with explanations. People say, “Oh, you over explain yourself.” Well there are things that wont ever be explained during my time and I feel like when I explain myself, I’m explaining Michael…I’m explaining McQueen..I’m explaining the kids that just committed suicide a few weeks ago in Chicago…I’m explaining all of that because I felt suicidal, I felt hurt, I felt compromised in a way..

On Homophobia

I feel like I’m a crusader of opening people’s minds because in America to have taste….the way we bash people, the way we call people gay if they look in the mirror too long. Not that it’s anything wrong with people being gay, ….. taste has been thrown in the shallow box, like your shallow if you’re into putting yourself together better or if you want to take time to actually look at a black and white movie as opposed to looking at a bunch of explosions and you can’t be masculine to do that… but if you look at Fellini films and back in the day, men use to get suited up. It’s almost like you’re borderline not masculine if you don’t open the door for a woman.

On The Concept of EGo

Now I’ve finally cracked out of the shell and you can see when I talk, it’s not really that same joke of like the ego and arrogance and the dumb cocky sh*t I use to say. I’m really pass the concept of ego. My whole thing is, I really just want to help people by bringing levels of culture, ballerinas and crashing them right next to hip hop. How can we take this to how Michael took it or even take it further. In music we respect the past so much ……If Steve Jobs respected the first computer so much, we wouldn’t have ipads and iphones today.

Forgive me for using grandiose political comparisons. Just as Mandela blew up the buildings and eventually became president, sometimes contrary to popular opinion you have to blow up the buildings. You have to make a change. If you could see the emotion in Justin’s face when he lost to the Dixie Chicks and Cee-lo was sitting right next to him..the row crazy. I couldn’t even tell you that they won for. I have nothing against the Dixie Chicks, it was just wrong though…it was so incorrect. Why should you care about that when you’re a musician? But Kobe cares if they deduct 12 points that he just put in the basket….

Part 2

Now do we understand Kanye West a bit more . ..

Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm pretty sure you all remember the first Good Wood Chain by the Wagon Boutique. Well they're back at it again, but bigger and better . . ALL BLACK ! The new Black Wagon chain that is set to launch Friday November 26th.
Please come to THE WAGON BOUTIQUE , support and join the exclusive waiting list of this limited chain.

The Wagon Boutique
1214 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY 11225
(347) 529 2030

Givenchy Studded Backpack

Here is the Spring/Summer 2010 Givenchy Studded All Black Backpack. This rocker inspired Givenchy backpack features a nylon/leather upper, logo detailing and black metal studs covering the shoulder straps. Ciara rocks this bag well, by not making it too boy-ish. . realy cute Cee Cee.