Monday, March 30, 2009

Do You Believe In Love, Sex & Magic?

Love Sex Magic - Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake

Smooooooooooooooooth. Ciara is a hottie, & Justin is just too smoove for his own good. Deadass.

I love it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gucci-What It's Really All About.

Honestly, I have ALWAYS been a fan of Gucci. Never pumped the brand much but let's say for the past two years or so...I've started to truly love & appreciate Gucci for what it is even if it's constantly abused & has sadly become a bit overrated. STILL IN ALL Gucci has been & always will be a brand I respect. Gucci...M.O.B. ♥'s you. :) Right Saddity?
Anyways, Gucci Spring-Summer 2009 is to fuckin die for. From belts, to shoes to even small accessories; Gucci has once again made me fall in loveee.

Take a look, I bet you'll fall too...
Gucci "Iman" Triple Strap Sandal:

Gucci "Lucy" Python & Suede Sandal:

Gucci "New Jackie O" Bag:

*(A Little Schooling For That Ass Right Quick - Jacqueline "Jackie" Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was the wife of John F. Kennedy [our 35th President]. The "Jackie O" bag was named after her. Just thought you should know that.)

Gucci "Sukey" Large Tote:

Anyways-has Gucci once again touched your soul? sure as hell touched mine.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I've Been Gone For A Minute...

missed me? =]

I apologize for not blogging for a while. I've been engaged in alot of other things but that was beneficial in many ways-because now I have a shitload of things to blog about.
First off, last Friday (March 20th, 2009) was the beginning of something that was deeply anticipated...SPRING!
Which means - No more big ass jackets (Monclers, Penfield's, Northface's, etc...). Let's try & give the Ugg's a rest people unless it's cold. Lastly no more 7 layers of clothes.
Also it's not summer yet! Shorts-no. Flip flop's-no. Tank top's with nothing over it-no.
What I would like to see is Flats, Jeans, Hoodies, Cardigan's, V-necks, Cargo pants, Leather jackets, Light get my drift.
So to help you - I've come up with a list of Springtime necessities....

American Apparel's Unisex Fine Jersey Double-Breasted Cardigan:

American Apparel Poplin Tunic:

Sam Edelman Candela Flats:So I'm going to assume you get my point. Go out & get your spring gear ready because you know M.O.B. will be...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teen Vogue April 09

Remember Emma Roberts from the Nick show ... "Unfabolous" well she's the cover of Spril Teen VogueThe 18-year-old starlet, who was just named the new face of Neutrogena.At just eighteen, Emma Roberts has already accomplished quite a lot: She started her career by starring in her very own series, Nickelodeon's Unfabulous, and then executed a rather seamless transition to film by focusing, at first, on family-friendly fare like Nancy Drew and Hotel for Dogs. Now the actress is appearing in a pair of Sundance-approved indies, Lymelife and The Winning Season, and headlining the upcoming teen comedy Wild Child.

Spring09' MOB


Just wanted to say . .

Apology goes out to all the followers and fans of the blog. The MOB has been super busy lately. Partying, Shopping, Taking trips, Senior trips, Selling Phones, Losing Shit and other fun things, but more post will definitely be coming soon. We appreciate the love.
To everyone that's irish..

From MOB. :-*

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey Fellas

Well since we have been doing many female posts latley, I thought I'll do a lil' something for you guys...

1. Kanye West x Nike Air Yeezy
Kanye West teases us with what looks to be his third design of six from his highly anticipated sneaker line with Louis Vuitton. Newest high top design that’s sure to make more of a buzz, with notable features like the two large Velcro straps and the pink midsole. Aswell as the Low Top’s sneaker is supposedly going to be called the Don while the Hi Top still does not have an official name. The collaboration is supposed to drop in Louis Vuitton stores in June of this year.

2.Kris Van Assche.
The high top sneakers are looking very interesting and different from pretty much everything else in the market. The sneakers should be getting into stores some time this summer. =]

3. TK Supras

“Purple Suede” TK Society & “Patent Grey” TK Society. The Supra TK Society officially release on May 1st, 2009.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Video of the Week


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rip the Runway 09'

BET's Rip the Runway is one of the event that people looks forward to on the black network. This year the names and the lines were bigger and better than ever. Clothing lines from former Project Runway contestants to the king of the south. Just to name a few of the designers and their lines..Johnny Vincent, Akoo by T.I., Korto from Project Runway's previous season, Douglas Says, Monif C, Byron Lars and much more. Look out for these lines in stores people. As for the performers. of course they had to have some of the best.

The Hosts Joy Bryant and Derek Luke.

Bobby V.

The Dream and Toccara.

Busta Rhymes.

GS Boys.

T.I. Yung LA. Young Dro.

Fabolous and The Dream. gotta love Fab the new Louis Vuitton Don.


Hopefully nest year is even better. =]


Video of the week

Jim Jones - We getting money like na na na na na

of course you know MOB gets money like.. finish the rest

Sunday, March 1, 2009