Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moncler 2010 Fall|Winter Accessories

Moncler gave an early start to this winter's look with their fall/winter collection beanies. With a nice wintery-twist to them, the beanies come in Blue Polar, Red Deer and Grey Falke. I personally love beanies, especially with pom pom's ! I think both females & males can rock them and pull them off ! Good, cute investment to me! ;)

MOB video of the week

Haha Fabolous is a clown I like this video.
The official music video "Tonight" featuring Red Cafe and "Love Come Down" check it out !

CB and Usher Takes over Jamaica

This past weekend Chris Brown and Usher visits Jamaica to perform at Reggae Sum Fest in Montego Bay. Chris Brown performed first but he then came back to perform with Elephant Man. View the pics below.

P.S. Doesn't Chris Brown look like he was trying to pull off the "Jamaican" look

Stussy x Hanes 3 pack Tees

I think this is pretty neat, too bad it didn't come in V-neck.The all white t-shirts only feature a small Stussy script logo on the bottom left. We have seen similar collaborations with Hanes by Supreme and Deluxe before.

Gucci Wingtip Mid Boot

Classic dressy mid boot from Italian luxury brand Gucci. They present premium brown leather boot with wingtip accents and the trademark red/green colors featured on the mid-sole and the contrasting stitching, as well as the lacing.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

TI$A Shoe Commercial Preview

Here is a preview into Taz Arnold’s latest lineup of sneakers from his TI$A label. Set to release for Fall 2010, Taz provides us with behind-the-scenes footage into an upcoming sneaker commercial for TI$A Footwear.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nicki Minaj: 'Your Love'

The highly anticipated video for Nicki Minaj's 'Ypur Love' video dropped this morning a 6am on every MTV channel, and we have it here too :) ! This song is off of her upcoming album that's dropping on Nov. 23rd ! Surprisingly she didn't do too much in this video, she looks cute though while it was something different for her. Check it out !

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chu's Birthday|M.O.B-BQ !

On Saturday, July 17th we had a BBQ to celebrate my Most Official Bitch - Chu's bday! It was of great success, and I'm glad we made it happen! Everyone came out, ate a little, sipped a little more, danced A LOT, & most importantly had a GREAT time - so it seems! Lol. Check out the pics below and sorry to whoever showed up at 1 AM and couldn't get in! We appreciate you showing love anyway but time is essential. LOL, LOVE YOU ALL FROM M.O.B TO YOU!!! ♥

Shoutout to DJ Will Gates !!! ♥

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