Monday, July 12, 2010

Take Notes From Drake

Drizzy teaches the world a little lesson about dating. . .

1. “unless he puts a ring on it first, never let a dude beat it in the whip. chris brown”
2. “trust me, ladies: if you please your man in bed, he’ll stay locked down. kwame kilpatrick”.
3. “a man should always pay for at least the first three dates. if he doesn’t do this, cut him off and don’t look back. beltway drivers”
4. “meeting people and dating is hard work. but, once you get past that, relationships themselves should be super easy. delta chicks”
5. “a little first date nervousness is cool, but make sure to relax. have a drink if you need to. you don’t want to be all sweaty and smelly. pau gasol”
6. “be a man with a plan. nobody wants to be with a dude who can’t make up his mind. tyler perry”
7. “ladies, accentuate your assets. if you’re funny, tell jokes. if you’re cute but not that bright, smile and wear short skirts. sarah palin”
8. “ladies say they want the truth, but really they just want to hear what makes them feel good. honesty is cool sometimes, but for the best results just tell them want they want to hear. black churches”
9. “if he asks you how many people you’ve slept with, leave without a word or lie about the number. tony hayward”
10. “the worst gift to get a woman is flowers. you never want to buy her something that’s going to die soon anyway. my career.”

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