Thursday, August 28, 2008


As his songs says "WHAT CHU' KNOW ABOUT IT"... wtf the fuck do you know about Fly Ly. He calls himself New York's Best Kept Secret. Fly Ly's inspiration is T.I. because he's able to turn his life into words. He also states that he's inspiried by Biggie and Tu Pac ... Ly's music is a mixture or hip-hop and rap. In his new song Millionaire Swag ft. Jay Murda.. he states a quote

"Above the Law records you niggas gotta respect " Need I say more people!



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stylish Treasures

Do you have an item that you adore and would NEVER trash it... if soo then we all do=]

Such as Rihanna .. so i guess stars wear their stuff twice.. Well i would hope so =/

Seen here on 106&Park

And here Shopping with her "boo" Chris Brown on Melrose Ave in West Hollywood

" I will never throw out my brand-new Balenciaga black-and-white gladiator boots. i waited, like, four months for them and just got them and i love them !" -Rihanna

and what the fuck is up with people calling her riri.. i mean its cute/funny.. like they hang with her. I wonder if she likes that.

How Private Are You ?

For those who don't have me as a buddy on AIM & haven't seen my away message lol....

The Privacy In Public Website is now up ! Owner Carlton George is a close friend of mine and is an extremely creative & determined person who is on the mission to make his company go extremely far in the months & years to come.

Here's some pictures of the merchandise :

Nice right ? Peep the curly headed bitch...HELLLLLOOO HOLLYWOOD =]

Lol , yes i do model for Privacy In Public.

If the clothes aren't enough for you , read up about what PIP is all about :

" Privacy in Public is an expression of individuality; expressing yourself and showing the world who you are. At the same time, do so by being as private as you want to be. Drawing people in with your secure behavior, bringing interest about yourself to light. That is what Privacy in Public is about, and we express this through our clothing, and we will show the world just a little piece of our privacy in public. "

Sweet right ?

Click to get some PIP of your own ---> : Privacy In Public

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fall Must Haves!!!

Fall is right around the corner ladies.. so want the scoop of the top 10 must haves!!!


There's many versions that one can pull off with these wonderful florals. My favorite one is the green. =]

2.Pointy Toe Pumps

Strut your stuff ladies!
3.Rich Colors

Aubergine, magenta, blueberry and more make up the season's sophisticated plaette.

4.Statement Necklaces

These glitz and glamour neck wear can either brighten up the day at work or during the night when your in the club.

5.Tuxedo Inspired

Girly/tailored suiting, and even bow ties!

6. P for PLAID!

The old farmer look meets feminie and chic.

7. Ladylike Bags (idk why they call them that because aren't all pocketbooks/purses "ladylike" ?!)

Now I see why the call them ladylike bags..beacsue it has a vintage twice to it...


This sexy fabric comes in modest shapes such as tops, dresses, bags, and pumps.

9.Exotic Skins

Exotic are perfect statement pieces..they can go with jeans or an evening dress.

10.Cutout Booties

These cute sexy and cool peekaboo booties can be paired up with a cropped jacket or a big sweater =] yummm

Calvin Klein $140

'Giuseppe Zanotti Mili Buckled Peep-Toe Pumps'

Sam Edelman $ 139


Cassie vs Aaliyah

Have you seen Cassie's new video Official Girl ft Lil Wayne.. go check that shit out. She looks super cute.. umm i wonder if the song is for her a Diddy.. idk just suggesting lol. Well also in the video i think she looks like Aaliyah... speaking of Aaliyah its been 7 years since she has past =[ . Anywooo do you remember that video by Aaliyah called " Are You That Somebody " i think Cassie looks just like Aaliyah. But then again they are both young beautiful ladiess..

tell me what you think !!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Mom Told Me I Should Always Watch The News...

....i guess this is why.

I swear I started to choke.
Damn , this is priceless.

MTTM - Fall '08. Back & Better Than Ever.

The Most Official Bitches are back & if i must say , the clothing they produce is getting better and better by the season.

Take a look :

I saw these pictures and my mouth dropped open.
Here are a little more for your viewing pleasure :

Isn't Sarah [ the model pictured in all the pictures above ] a fucking doll ? I can't wait to get my hands on some stuff.

Now peep this :

Lmao , isn't this adorable ?

But i'm very excited about the Fall '08 collection.

Leah babe , continue doing your thing.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Go Tyra!!

Today on the Tyra Banks show, Tyra takes viewers inside New York's Fashion Week. Fashion week has been around for 15 years ! & Tyra has been a retired model for 2 years now. While watching the show I figured she would go back to modeling but guessed wrong....awww shuxx. Tyra was playing the role of the backstage assistant. Then she shows the inside of a go see?casting call =]...Tips for me too huh.

Anywhoo the 11th season of America's Next Top Model is coming Sept. 3rd


"We Will Never Be Friends!"


Most of you don't know this, but i am TRUE HILLS FAN. I've been dedicated since season one and the drama, romance, rivalry has on gotten more extreme. As the 3 main characters Lauren, Audrina, and Whitney describes the new season yesterday on the premiere show, "overwhelming","romantic", and "emotional", i already understood exactly what they were talking about.

Important things that happened in Episode 1 of season 4:

-Lauren has a date with Doug =D
-Heidi's sister Holly comes into town =]
-Spencer has a bitch fit when she shows up
-Lauren throws Audrina a party for her birthday
-Lo has a bitch fit at Audrina's birthday party and plays with the dog. =/
-Audrina has a bitch fit and barks at Lo. =(
-Holly is thinking about moving to L.A. and Spencer has another bitch fit.

yes people all of this in the first episode. if you don't believe me.
watch it yourself...

imagine the entire season. (gasp) i really cant wait.
stay tune for the next episode airing on Monday at 8pm

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Team Spirit !

Did you happen to catch the last show of PROJECT RUNWAY? If not let me fill you in.

The theme was Beijing 2008 Olympics. Obviously using our country's colors red, blue, and white. Some of the contestants didn't quiet get the concept. Such as JENNIFER [tear]

She didnt use any of our country's colors, which is why she was "OUT" =[

The designer who won was Korto !! YAY.. Me likey... just for the simple fact that its simple. I think the females team USA would love to walk down the runway in this. =]

The Blueprint 3 : HOVA'S BACK !

So if you haven't already heard the loud ass ring tone for Jay-Z's new song " Jockin' Jay-Z " playing from someone's phone , I'm here to let you know that Jigga is back with a very anticipated album , primarily because of the title.
The Blueprint 3.
Hmmmm , this one better be as good as the first two blueprints. The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse was my favorite album ever aside from Reasonable Doubt. I don't doubt Mr.Carter's abilities , even though some might. Jay-Z has fallen off a little bit in the past couple of years but nonetheless , that is still my favorite rapper and he is the best alive [ sorry Weezy =/ ].
Honestly , I'm not sure why everyone is on Lil' Wayne's shit all of a sudden. When he was apart of Cash Money singing fuckery about " BLING BLING " , nobody was feening. Correct ? I rest my case. I'm not gonna sit here and act like Mrs.Officer wasn't bumping on my Limewire a couple of minutes ago but all my love is for Hovito.
...maybe is just a Brooklyn thing.

Anyways , be on the lookout.
I'm ready for his big comeback.
Are you ?

Come one. . Come all. . To the Wagon Boutique. ;)

Boutique - a small retail shop that specializes in fashionable clothes and accessories.

..Well, if that's what your interested in bring your WAGON to the WAGON! =)
When i first heard about this fashionable boutique that opened May 17th,2008, I was sort of confused, with the area it was located in at least. So to put a stop to the confusion I decided to pay The Wagon Boutique a visit. Not only was I satisfied but it was surely worth it. From the affordable designer clothing, a Junk Food t-shirt, to a Louis Vuitton Hoodie, to the best accessories (watches, sunglasses,bags,hats).

The Wagon Boutique was established by fashion entrepreneurs. And i quote these young entrepreneurs mission :

"Their goal was to establish and create a unique boutique which represented and depicted their ideal fashion and style in setting trends. Further, they intended to market clothing brands which were superior and not cliche’ to the apparel currently being sold. Thus, their mission is to establish a boutique which represented a new vision in the fashion world for inner city residents."
& that's exactly what they've done. I've purchased a couple of things from there, regardless the price & I also purchased a polo, from the signature brand "Cheese Wagon" word NICE!


In the Wagon, with the owner's little sister. Too cute!=) Well her not me =X.

The Wagon Boutique
1214 Union Street
Between Nostrand & Rogers Avenue

I've been gone for a minute . .

Sorry that I've been away for so long, but i'm back, I bet you all missed me...RIGHT?! =D

Well as hollywood said, I have a birthday coming up so i've actually been preparing for that. Other than that, I've been around with my m.o.b. no coincidence about that!

..anywhoo enough about me..

If you guys know me, then you know i LOVE Rihanna,her style, & her hair! (which explains why I
But she has a new spread in the September issue of Essence magazine, so you know im excited. ;)






So those are some of the pictures from the Essence Magazine, I personally think that she nailed every photo, from the make-up, to the perfect hair. =)


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm sure you all remember the first Goldmine fashion show, successful wasnt it =] .I know you guys have been anticipating for this one in the fall. Put together by Bezzie , Neezy, and Sunshine.

Goldmine is a organization that they started to line up a series of fashion shows for urban designers. I really like the idea these YOUNG girls have, I actually look up to one of them.(how cute huh >:0 ) anywhooo, i just think there doing pretty good for 19 year olds ( in which they started their first fashion show ) SUPPORT support people its not so hard really... !!!
DATE:September 12th,2008


chu stylin


I guess Brooke Hogan and her fam thought it would be a cool idea to post fake mugshits..opps i mean mugshots on her myspace Umm not a good idea, at least not in my opinion. i mean a mugshot doesnt have to look that bad.. look at Paris Hilton

Leopard girl!!!

Ugg's gone wild!
If you been wearing leopard for the summer(sold a lot in Forever 21). Ugg's has brought to you this. I think its a cute little thing, if one can wear it correct. Please dont spoil and i hope every one and their momma doesnt get it. Keeps bare feet comfy in temperatures as low as -30 degrees to as high as 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Sold in David Z's and Neiman Marcus for $130.oo
Chu' Stylin

Monday, August 11, 2008

Congrats to the new LUXURIOUS member


LUXURY is her name people. she is the 5th and newest member of the M.O.B.
shes basically the icing on the cake that all of us needed. shes that edgy, ironic, touch of difference* that we needed. i've known her for that last 4 years and shes a person that will always be there. our high school days together were crazy a lot of sweat, blood and tears in these past 4 years but most of all or friendship and love grew strong between the two of us.

Shes always keeps you wondering but wonder no more. you will be seeing her much much more.
Hollywood, Saddity, Stylin', Fashion and Luxury!! ahhhhh.
doesn't it have a ring to it! =]

add her to your friends list on myspace

later alligators. time for the BEAR to hibernate

thinking about shit

its 7:17 and im sitting in the room thinking away. part of the M.O.B. is in the other room snoring away but me being the second oldest has more to dwell on. not making this post to long because im hungry! like always and i feel like "i didnt eat all day". =] but just want to tell these little bitches that are most official that I LOVE THEM ALL. even though they are all a pain in my over eating ass =]

peace. love and ladies finish the rest!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

4 Inches Of Pure Sickness.

Sorry GUYS ! We've been gone from here for a while but trust us , it was for a good reason.
We've been out shopping , looking for new stuff to blog about , trying to get ready to go back to school [ well at least I've been lol ] & just enjoying life the M.O.B. way. Plus , a special someones birthday is coming up. Saddity's Super Sweet [ & Super Saddity ;) ] Sixteen on the 29th. Be on the lookout for pics !
Anyways , let's get back to it....shall we ?

I know some of you girls out there go in stores like Steve Madden and see those ridiculous 4 1/2 inch heels that look like you wont last 20 mins in them and think to yourself " those are hot , but are the worth breaking my neck for ? "

....yes. They actually are. =] But I'm not one of those that rely on Steve Madden for heels. I feel like heels should never look cheap because most of the time your shoes make your outfit and if your shoes look cheap then it throws the whole outfit off. Way off. Unless Madden's heels are leather , they look cheap. I'm not saying that ALL Steve Madden shoes look cheap because if that was the case i wouldn't buy his stuff and i have a million pairs of sandals by him. Plus he has a line called Steven by Steve Madden and they make fabulous looking high-heels. Of course , they cost more & are obviously better quality. Well that's just my personal opinion , your entitled to yours but for me when it comes to pumps , peep-toes , etc....i ALWAYS turn to the experts...

Take a look...

These Burberry ' Armor Plated ' T-Strap Sandal are amazing.

Balenciaga Facets Sandal is beautiful. Notice the heel design. Wicked right ?

Christian Louboutin - obviously a classic.

Of course there are others like Nanette Lepore , Michael Kors , Yves Saint Laurent , Via Spiga , Stuart Weitzman , Marc Jacobs , Fendi , MUI MUI , etc.

Normally , i would put a link here for a site but this time my advice would be to take the names I've given you & search them. You'll be surprised at what you'll find. ;]