Monday, August 11, 2008

Congrats to the new LUXURIOUS member


LUXURY is her name people. she is the 5th and newest member of the M.O.B.
shes basically the icing on the cake that all of us needed. shes that edgy, ironic, touch of difference* that we needed. i've known her for that last 4 years and shes a person that will always be there. our high school days together were crazy a lot of sweat, blood and tears in these past 4 years but most of all or friendship and love grew strong between the two of us.

Shes always keeps you wondering but wonder no more. you will be seeing her much much more.
Hollywood, Saddity, Stylin', Fashion and Luxury!! ahhhhh.
doesn't it have a ring to it! =]

add her to your friends list on myspace

later alligators. time for the BEAR to hibernate

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