Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Come one. . Come all. . To the Wagon Boutique. ;)

Boutique - a small retail shop that specializes in fashionable clothes and accessories.

..Well, if that's what your interested in bring your WAGON to the WAGON! =)
When i first heard about this fashionable boutique that opened May 17th,2008, I was sort of confused, with the area it was located in at least. So to put a stop to the confusion I decided to pay The Wagon Boutique a visit. Not only was I satisfied but it was surely worth it. From the affordable designer clothing, a Junk Food t-shirt, to a Louis Vuitton Hoodie, to the best accessories (watches, sunglasses,bags,hats).

The Wagon Boutique was established by fashion entrepreneurs. And i quote these young entrepreneurs mission :

"Their goal was to establish and create a unique boutique which represented and depicted their ideal fashion and style in setting trends. Further, they intended to market clothing brands which were superior and not cliche’ to the apparel currently being sold. Thus, their mission is to establish a boutique which represented a new vision in the fashion world for inner city residents."
& that's exactly what they've done. I've purchased a couple of things from there, regardless the price & I also purchased a polo, from the signature brand "Cheese Wagon" word NICE!


In the Wagon, with the owner's little sister. Too cute!=) Well her not me =X.

The Wagon Boutique
1214 Union Street
Between Nostrand & Rogers Avenue

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