Friday, October 30, 2009

" Graffi-Couture "

" The November 2009 issue of Vogue Paris contains an amazing photoshoot titled “Graffi-Couture” featuring the beautiful model Raquel Zimmermann. Styled by Vogue’s Emmanuelle Alt and shot by photographer Mario Sorrenti, the photoshoot has also been decorated by artwork from New York based artist KAWS. "


Above is a picture of Jay & Alicia at the 2009 World Series where they performed there Empire State of Mind song! What song would have better fit the moment?
And two days later the highly anticipated "Empire State of Mind" video is finally here. Directed by Hype Williams he speaks on "Empire State Of Mind" video & where he was exactly going with the whole theme.

"Ok, basically Empire state was a very important video for me to direct, simply because of the sentiment it puts out there in the world about this town and how special it was to grow up here. If Jay is our era's Frank Sinatra then this is his pinnacle "New York, New York" record.

In short, I "visualized" the emotional content in this song, Jay's lyrics and Alicia Keys powerful voice. When people see this, they wont see a video, they'll see a pure visual interpretation of the feeling this song carries, and the artistic side of the best city in the world!" - Hype Williams

Here's the video!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rosa Acosta x Supreme

Oh joy! As you may know Supreme is well known for their sexy and provocative pictures. Supreme’s latest campaign features modeling by Rosa Acosta and photography by none other than Terry Richardson.

As part of their Fall/Winter 2009 campaign, Supreme presents the Rosa Acosta “Pina Colada” air freshener. The air freshener is now available from Cliff Edge.

Rated R

Rihanna " Rated R " album cover. So far so good, seems as if she's following in her big brother Jay-z foots step with the theme of All Black EVERYTHING. Well I can't wait to see the rest of whats in store such as the music and other pictures inside of her album.

A.P.C. x SOPH 10th Anniversary

Get your great dark denims here! When SOPH. said they were doing 10 collaborative items for their 10th Anniversary, they lied. But when opportunities this good present themselves it’s okay to overindulge. In addition to their A.P.C. coach jacket, SOPH also worked on a pair of “nondiscoloration” Petite Standard jeans enhanced with a metal loop, “S” logo rivets, white selvage and a co-labelled leather patch branded with the slogan “Not Fade Away”. The two brands also produced a set of button-up knit cardigans in three colors. These drop on November 2nd at SOPH. shops and select A.P.C. locations.


A few weeks ago, my fellow Most Official, Fashion was lucky enough to win tickets to the POWERHOUSE concert conducted by the radio station Power 105.1! She was given two tickets to the concert that took place on October 27th and she took me :-) (Saddity), sorry Stylin', lol.

The concert was majority male dominated with singers and rappers such as Day 26, Mario, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, DJ Webstar, Maino, Red Cafe, Omarion, Sean Garrett, Fabolous, Chris Brown, The Dream & female hearthrob Trey Songz! This was Chris Brown's first time performing in close to a year since his incident with Rihanna. And I can say first hand that EVERYONE was happy for him to be back! The energy the crowd had was crazy, and the energy he gave off was crazier! He proved he still had "it" and we were proud to see that! His performance was great. Him not knowing what the reaction would be from the crowd didn't stop him at all. I loved that! Keri Hilson was the only estrogen featured in this concert, and I saw nothing wrong with that because of where she stands in the industry right now.

Here's a few pictures from the concert:

Fabolous managed to have the crowd rockin' despite his raspy voice! And he also messed up on his OWN SONG twice! But if you know me you know I didn't care! I was still in total BLISS!

Trey Songz? Hmmm. He introduced himself with a simple "YUUUUP" I dont think you would even understand me if i stressed how the ladies went completely OFF! I dont think we sat down the whole time he performed.

MissKeriBaby did her thing! Her energy was on point, and she performed strong, of course she looked magnificent doing so!

The Prince of R&B, CB proved that his time off only made him better. Seemed like even though he took days or even months off, he wasn't really "off".

Only God knows where they found Omarion but he has a new song I'm guessing and he performed it for about 5 seconds and a half. I didn't know the words so, I bopped along. LOL.

The Dream? AAAAH, he's like a breath of fresh air for R&B as well.

The concert overall was good, I wouldn't say great because I have been to better. .But I LOVED the line up, and thats all that matters. ♥

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello Gucci.

Gucci-Icon Temporary is the name of the retail space that aims to garner more interest from urbanites whose footwear staples are made with vulcanized rubber soles. Gucci will be launching six or seven of these flash sneaker pop up stores around the globe, starting out with New York City’s SoHo on Oct 23, and branching out to key creative locales such as Art Basil Miami Beach, Tokyo, London, Berlin, Paris and Hong Kong.

Here's a few pictures from the grand opening party on October 23rd.

Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini & DJ Mark Ronson

Wyclef Jean.

Mary J. Blige

Actress Mischa Barton

The stores will feature 18 pairs of limited edition sneakers– 16 for men and two for women; the sneakers will incorprate classic elements of design from Gucci such as the Gucci logo and red-green details; each shoe also has a limited edition label embroidered inside the tongue and comes with a silver or gold dogtag. Some shoes also have leather tags that can be customized with initials.

Other than the regular limited edition kicks, Gucci also sought out one of the industry’s taste makers, DJ Mark Ronson to design a Gucci Ronson sneaker. These shoes will be introduced at every leg of the pop-up project and will retail for $500-$600.

The store is only open for two weeks beginnin yesterday October 24th, so hurry up and go buy !

Gucci Icon Temporary - Sneakers Pop-Up Shop
(Formerly Schaeffer Carol Promotion Designs)
43 Crosby Street Map
New York, NY 10012