Sunday, December 27, 2009

Amber Rose|VIBE Mag!

AMBER ALERT!, Earlier this month we showed you guys the teaser with Amber Rose featured in VIBE magazine. The pics have finally dropped & of course Amber Rose looks no less than FAB! Vibe did also mention that the shoot would be classy, surprisingly, it was! Good job Ms.Rose! :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Amerie Ft. Fabolous|More than Love :)

The first time I heard this song i fell in absoloute LOVEEEEEEE with it. Amerie always goes away but comes back with a bang! This is the 2nd released single off of her album "In Love & War". It also seems that Married to the MOB is on high demand because its also seen in this video ! Two pieces from the holiday 2009 collection:

(The "Stamped Logo" tee & the "Apple" tee) :)

OF COURSE, that made us happy! Shoutout to MTTM ! Might I also add that Fabolous looks quite dapper throughout the video, then again whats new?

Check out the video!

Eye Candy; HoneyMag x Trey Songz

This right here's a Panty Droppa! Trey you really outdid yourself this time. Trey Songz is featured on the latest cover of Honey Magazine and he speaks on everything from romance, his sex appeal to his thoughts on R. Kelly’s latest cd.
On his Sex Appeal
"I’m a lovable guy. You don’t think so? I’m confident. That exudes. Women like men who are confident. I’m humble and I was raised by women so I know what women like."

On opening up to his fans
"I do, but I can’t give my whole life to my fans. Then the mystique is gone. If you know everything about someone, why would you continue to pursue that person?….that’s a part of any artistry. There has to be a mystique. In order for women to want me and kids to think I’m the coolest and men to want to be me, there has to be something about me that’s ‘wow.’ If you get rid of the ‘wow’ who cares?"

P.S. As I write this I'm listening to #READY reminding me what a good artist Trey is!

Love is in the Air .

Not really much of a gossip blog, but I HAD to put this lovely couple on here once again. Remember about a few weeks back there have been rumors about Amber Rose and Kanye West split, well NO these pictures will now shut you up, because they never broke up.
Happily together !

Spotted in LA going to the movies to watch Avatar.
Awww cuffing =)

Aftermath x Release of SpaceJams

This post I must say is one of the most weird/interesting post I've done. As you must know, the Spacejams came out yesterday at 6AM. While I was home tweeting, I seen many of my tweeters going on a mission to get these wonderful kix. Well this was the aftermath of THEE SPACEJAMS!
Selling them from out of a car maybe . .
As they go crazy in Atlanta !

They get crazy in Brooklyn !
BURR cold
As they lurk
Thus CONGRATS to our friends who have been lucky enough to purchase in my opinion, one of the best Jordans to release: Thee XI Spacejams !

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"I wanna be Forever Young"

Check out the new Jay-Z video for “Young Forever” featuring singer/songwriter Mr. Hudson. If you didn’t already know, the song samples the 1984 hit from Alphaville, “Forever Young”.

The Black and White makes it even more of a Classic.
i love it plus its Jay.. HELLO

x and o's

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday ICE at SEA !

Yesterday December 21st was ICE M.O.B.'s "Potential's" 17Th birthday. She decided to celebrate it at Sea in Williamsburg. She invited a couple handfuls of friends to celebrate with including ya girls. lol. We got there, took pics, had multiple and I mean multiple drinks, ( i would know ), noise making, laughing, crying, singing, and other shenanigans. M.O.B. is glad we got to spend your day with you. Hope you enjoyed yourself. ♥ MOB :)

The birthday girl looking Fierce in Herve Leger :)

x and o's

Kanye West x Bape Spring 2010

Alright we all know there's no one or nothing better than a collaboration between Kanye and Bape. The clothing are usually a must-see and a must-have. So once again Bape decided to work with Kanye West and its bigger, better and more international this time. The Spring 2010 Look Book was photographed by Keiichi Nitta. The mixture of Bape and URSUS and Bape with a mixture of Japanese and American aesthetics made it only appropriate for the line to work with Mr. West. The collection includes new styles of belts and as wells shirts, work trousers, tees, varsity jackets and more. Surely to be a strong divider amongst fans, the most immediately striking piece is the Baby Milo hoody, which is complete in a vibrant multi-colourway featuring a selection of characters seen throughout Milo’s history.

I know you see him Kanye'in

x and o's

The Release of the SpaceJams.

As I write this post I have mixed emotions, both happy and sad. . If you know I love sneakers as well as the wonderful males who sport them. Tomorrow is the release of the 11's Spacejam, one of the best Jordans known to man.
History of thee sneaker. . .When the Air Jordan 11 came out in 1995 they sold for $124.99. Three mids were released, and two I.E. lows (which sold for $115.00). Only five pairs of the Air Jordan XI “Space Jams” were made for Michael, for the movie Space Jam. Five colorways re-released in 2001-2002 going for $125.00. Eight Air Jordan XI lows were released in 2001 which sold for $120.00.
Well the Spacejams release in any sneaker store at 6am . . P.S. I suggest you join the lines now.