Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Release of the SpaceJams.

As I write this post I have mixed emotions, both happy and sad. . If you know I love sneakers as well as the wonderful males who sport them. Tomorrow is the release of the 11's Spacejam, one of the best Jordans known to man.
History of thee sneaker. . .When the Air Jordan 11 came out in 1995 they sold for $124.99. Three mids were released, and two I.E. lows (which sold for $115.00). Only five pairs of the Air Jordan XI “Space Jams” were made for Michael, for the movie Space Jam. Five colorways re-released in 2001-2002 going for $125.00. Eight Air Jordan XI lows were released in 2001 which sold for $120.00.
Well the Spacejams release in any sneaker store at 6am . . P.S. I suggest you join the lines now.

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