Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Air Jordan's 25th Anniversary Collection.

Last week my fellow most official (Stylin') and I was in Niketown on 5th Ave in NYC and we came across a real eye-catching display, some hall of fame type shit, lol. But basically it's every Jordan sneaker in all white, apart from the red outsole and quilted lining. The goal in choosing to have the sneaker in an all white upper is to allow the outlines and contours of each sneaker to speak for itself–uninterrupted by busy color schemes or tooling.

Apart of the 25th Anniversary Collection Nike is releasing a lineup of classic Jordans in all white. Nothing highlights the contours and silhouettes of the innovative Jordan line like presenting it “naked” in a stark white on white colorway. As seen in here in the Jordan I (1), VI (6), XI (11), XVI (16), and XXI (21), the only non-white feature is the icy clear outsoles on the VI and XI. These are not going to Jordan retailers, but stick with Freshness for looks at the other models. (via Jumpan23)


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