Friday, December 31, 2010

9piece and Even Deeper snippets - Rick Ross

As we all know, Ashes to Ashes, Rick Ross latest mistake was released on Dec 24th. The definition of flawless. The Boss man knew people loves it because he already shot a couple of quick snippets for 9piece and Even Deeper. I'm looking forward to John Doe, Play Ya Part, just to name a couple. More coming soon.
Enjoy, I did.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Married to the MOB 2010 Holiday Collection !

For this drop, MOB is offering up an array of dresses in sexy silhouettes, cute collegiate-inspired motifs, black leggings zig-zagged with mesh inserts, and naturally, the provocative t-shirts that made MTTM what it is today. Peep the locations: Brooklyn, West Soho with theirvown Sarah McSweeney as the model, a combination that can never do wrong...

Good Girls Bend At The Knees, Bad Girls Bend At The Waist!

Monday, December 27, 2010

DimePiece Spring 2011

DimePiece released their Spring 2011 collection 'Save No Prayer'.

A Little DimePiece History:
DimePiece was created in Spring 2007 by brand co-founders and designers Ashley Jones and Laura Fama, with the intention to carve a niche in the fashion universe and create garments that express and embody female empowerment. Subsequent fashion degrees and years of experience within LA’s thriving urban contemporary industry reconfirmed that they had stumbled upon a unique aesthetic and feisty attitude.

DimePiece is available at
PaperDoll Boutique
104 Bond St
(between Atlantic Ave & Pacific St)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Keri Hilson x Necole Bitchie

Our blogger mom Necole Bitchie got the opportunity to interview Keri Hilson edited by Patrick Neree. Check it out !

We also had the pleasure of going to dinner w. Necole Bitchie & our fellow Bitchie Chicks! :) We had wonderful, motivating conversations and ate well, which is always good !

Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2011 Women's

If your a normal female you would feel as if Mr. Louboutin brought your favorite dream shoe to reality! It seems as if the red bottom just completes the finishing detailed look, and it's crazy because it will always go with any color or any thing your wearing.

I bet everyone will have this for the fourth of July

These last two shoes screams Nicki Minaj

Air Jordan 3's

This is so funny a friend and I were talking about this sneaker and look what I stumbled upon. Jordan Brand has confirmed another retro of its Air Jordan III in the iconic black/cement colorway. Following news of a Concord XI drop during the same season, the shoes will once again grace store shelves even though the shoes were retroed not too long ago. Stay tuned for further news as it becomes available.
P.S. Look at the bright side at least the White cement release January 22nd

Oliver Peoples Glasses

Oliver Peoples has worked with TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloIst on collection of beautiful glasses. This collection looks like the type to be worn with a nice blazer jacket or simply and good cashmere sweater, with nice denim accompanied with a nice pair of flats or over the knee boots!Also the glasses come with clip-on sunglasses.The collection will be released Spring 2011