Monday, January 31, 2011

Haus of Belle is Armed and Ready !

Grab onto your seats ladies!!Meet the face behind a brand new refreshing female clothing line "HAUS OF BELLE" by Ebony Alexander. With her great determination Ebony brings to you the NEW Collection "Armed and Ready" is inspired by the POWER of woman. Read here as MOB has a little chit-chat with Miss Eb:
Where did you come up with the idea of the "Villain Sisters?"
The inspiration came from seeing all the women around me pursuing thier dreams.. Women have dominated and lead fields just as any man could killing the stereotypes that we are weak a nd we aren't leaders. . The siamese skeleton represents the death of the stereotype we were once bonded to.
What's next for Haus of Belle?
Riight now, we are almost ready to release our full collecction for this season. Armed 7 Ready, it's very BOLD very ethnic and powerful. the new season delivery will be sold upon the opening of our new online shoppe! alongside a free downloadable mixtape! We've also extended the brand to accessories! =)

Will we be seeing more colors from this collection or are you just keeping it simple black and white, black and white (Wiz khalifa voice lol)

The color palettes are very blacks white, nudes. but the the print makes up for the simplistic colors, there are however pops of coral and taupe through out the collection.

The Haus of Belle "Villain Sisters" Tank top is going up for pre-release February 19th, 2011 to begin the countdown of the opening
of the online shoppe. From MOB to Haus of Belle we wish you the best of luck and success

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nicki M's Moment for life.

To the wedding altar Nicki Minaj & Drake went in her "Moment 4 Life" video, and finally Martha got her debut! Check out Nicki Minaj's new video for her single off of Pink Friday Moment for life, which happens to STILL be climbing the charts. Congrats on all of your success Nicki!

Also, here's her interview with Tim Westwood while she was out in London Town. .

Concord Confirmed!

If you missed out on the Spacejams Dec 2009 and the Cool Greys Dec 2011. . well this just might be the chance to redeem yourself. Rumor has it that the XI Concord retro will be released this 2011. Just like the other release of the other XI 's, this one will most likely drop Dec 2011. .hopefully it drops in the summer that would be pretty dope. Look out for these!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

MOB University

Hello my college students all over the globe, or even if not in college because it isn't for everybody I still encourage you to read this. Ahh where do I start, it was just senior year of HS now I'm in my second year of college WTF. Anywho the point of this is because many of us have returned to our second semester and can't wait for this year to be over. But the way I look at it is.. do it for yourself, do your best and finish with a BANG !! There's a few way to keep sane while in college:
1. SLEEP. . we might not get a lot of it, but we have to get at least 8 hours in for about 3 days.
2. F
RIENDS. . below you see a picture of my wonder full friends that I have met here. When you go away to college, your home sick and it gets lonely, your going to need that one good conversation, the one good laugh and one good party every weekend to just let go!(Shoutout to Britany, Lia, Christina,and Serene)
3. STUDY. . this is pretty much self explanatory, if you don't study you fail point blank.

please excuse this random person

TU! School spirit !

Love.Live.Life. .
xoxo Chu from TU !

Friday, January 21, 2011

Louboutin Spring Summer Tour

Need I say more. . Ladies I just hope your ready for Summer 2011 with Christian's fun and vibrant colors!
Photographer Khoung Nguyen
Khuong Nguyen Louboutin Fall 2011 D Louboutin X Nguyen Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

Rolling Stone Mag x Lil Wayne

Here’s the new Rolling Stone issue with Lil Wayne gracing it’s cover looking like a dreadlocked Fabio. In it Weezy opens up for the first time about his Rikers Island eight month skid bid in Building C-76, cell 23 where he worked as an SPA (suicide prevention aide), listened to a lot of oldies and Hot 97, played Uno with his cellies for commissary in PC and even calls LeBron James, Dwayne Wade & the rest of the Heat “b*tch ass n*ggas” for not showing him any love during games. This issue hits stands today!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Jordan Saturday . .

The brand Air Jordan ends the year with a bang. . the 11's Cool Grey and starts off the year with a bang White/Cement Grey 3's. This Saturday January 22th, 2011 the Cement 3's are releasing as a retro version. But what amazes me is that the buyers are really drooling over the box that the 3's are coming in!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chris Brown x Others define STYLE

With some help from producer Swizz Beatz, Big Sean & Tyga. .Chris Brown takes some time to describe to us what they think is their individual definition of style is in the newest Mechanical Dummy webisode.

Chris Brown:
"Most of the time when you think about style or dressing its basically what you bring to it. . the clothes don't wear you.. you wear the clothes."

"A lot of my fashion icons today are like Pharrell. Like he has a lot of incredible style and him being from Virginia you know thats always one of those kinda things that get the kids kinda excited. As far as me I was excited as a kid, like seeing him being able to kinda influence the world with his fashion and him being from the same place that I'm from, so that was kinda dope."

Swizz Beatz:
"Trendsetter, not trendy though. But I'm a trendsetter, tastemaker."

"Fashion is art. Art is music. It's all the same thing, it's all under the same house. And umm, art is an expression, fashion is an expression, music is an expression."

Big Sean:
"Style first of all is an extension of who you are, and it's just about that real high class fresh shit man, you know. .letting people know we got class too, real classy with it. I know how to step out in a Christian Dior suit. and doing it big. . you gotta know how to do that."

"We're just like the kids in high school and thats why they love us because at the same time we doing it to a big level but we still represent for them and we still represent for the whole subculture of being fly and being young."

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lex Luger goes H*A*M

Watch out Swizz Beatz Pete Rock and 40. . there's a young new producer gaining respect in the game . . LEX LUGER. The 19-year-old Virgina native spoke to many about how he hooked up with Ross and how he constantly coming up with hit making beats.

On meeting Waka Flocka Flame and getting in the game...

I first met Waka Flocka Flame off of MySpace. This is about a year ago. This is when he wasn't even popping. He had just came out with his first mixtape. I hit him up. I was just hitting everybody up, I was hungry. I was ready to work. He was the only one who really reached back to me. He gave me his email and every two or three days I sent him 20 beats. He liked my work. We built a friendship. When "O Lets Do It" got big, he signed to a label, bought Gucci Mane's old house, and moved me down there so we went to work.

On how "B.M.F." came together...

Spiff of SpiffTV reached out to me for the "Hard In The Paint" instrumental because Ross wanted that. Spiff directed the "O Let's Do It Remix" video out in Atlanta's Grand Central Station spot. People were bumping "Hard In The Paint" in a car and he was like, "What song is that?" This is before "Hard In The Paint" even blew up. It was just the streets was fucking with it. So he was like, "Who the hell did that?" So he got on the computer and searched, "Who produced this song." He found me on MySpace and Twitter and hit me like, "I need some of this music." And I told him, "I got it, but I got other stuff that's way better." I was sending Spiff 30 beats a day for seven days. I sent him a gang of beats and out of those beats was "B.M.F." and "MC Hammer."

Because I make so many beats, sometimes they'll have names, but sometimes they'll just be like 1-50. This batch of beats was just numbers. Spiff told me, "That beat 13, put that aside. Don't give it to nobody." And I did the same thing with "MC Hammer." He said, "That beat, put it aside."

On 1.11.11 Ye and Jay-Z released a song entitled H.A.M. which is on the album "Watch The Throne LP." When I first heard the song I played it regularly on my Mac. . but when I listened to the ending of the song I realized that it might just sound better if I hooked it up to my surround sound and indeed it did. I was so amazed by the beats, the melody, and the opera sound gave the song a wonderful finish. The person responsible for this great production is of course Lex luger. This beat was made a while ago originally for Rick Ross but I'm sure Kanye requested the beat. This young producer has talent! He seems to be humble and thankful, MOB wishes him thee best of luck.

A Man is Defined by What He Wears . .

Suits. We've seen the celebrities in the best suit, but not only them can pull it off. . Watch and Learn. About last year I've been noticing some of my friends taking the initiative to go out and purchase a few good suits. I was actually surprise of what they're capable of. But what women only wants to see a male in street clothing, switch it up a bit, let yourself be notice by a classy women. Only the #HoodHoes like's a basic clothes wearing guy! If you don't know how to pick out a suit, here are some steps. .

1. Take a women with you. . they know best.

2. Know your size. . you don't want the chest area of the suit to big, as well as the length and the waist which gives you a fitted look and reduce the bulk.

3. Colors. . stick to the basics. Black, Grey, navy blues. And dear to be different! Try velvet, but personally I think my dark skin fellas can rock that better.

4. Style. . 3 piece suits are really classy, but if you feel like it's took much clothes just go for the regular 2 button suit with the simple single or double vent in the back of the jacket

5. Shirt . .Please choose the correct arm length, we don't want when your about to hug a female and your sleeves start to raise. Also simple colors white and/or pastels will do.

6. Tie. . You can choose pretty much any kind of tie you like. Stay away from very flashy designs, they tend to make you look like an aspiring pimp.

Check out some of our friends who shows us a different side to them.

Kappas that we met on New Years
Don C
Rich from Temple U. Remember when I said dear to be different, that's exactly what he did! Along with the green button down shirt, blue tie and Ralph Lauren navy blue Double Breasted blazer with gold button, finished off by khaki's . . he altered it so well.
Mark, Drew, and Kani(also looking dapper in velvet) looking smooth
This is one of my favorite's. .Moe(@Moee_Betta)Velvet Paul Stuart jacket/suit.
Not a full suit but you catch our drift, GQ Quinny
(@Mark_MyWord) . . Can you say ALL Black EVERYTHING!

Splash Life from Queens(Pop, Moe, Alec, Lay, and Gerry). Wish we had a full pic, Well done fellas.
"Toast to the Good Life"
Sean.K(@stillsean) with a nice black silky simple suit accompanied with an LV scarf.
Duckie in the full blue Velvet.

@Flyestoncampus in Tom Ford
Enve @Charli3Bartlett
Of course the only female to make this post, @DivaNiesh. Men aren't the only one who can wear suits and look stunning. She dressed it up instead of the typical New Years Eve dress as She went head to head with the fellas and obviously won this battle. Her bow tie complements her suit drastically.
Don't you love a guy in a suit!