Monday, January 31, 2011

Haus of Belle is Armed and Ready !

Grab onto your seats ladies!!Meet the face behind a brand new refreshing female clothing line "HAUS OF BELLE" by Ebony Alexander. With her great determination Ebony brings to you the NEW Collection "Armed and Ready" is inspired by the POWER of woman. Read here as MOB has a little chit-chat with Miss Eb:
Where did you come up with the idea of the "Villain Sisters?"
The inspiration came from seeing all the women around me pursuing thier dreams.. Women have dominated and lead fields just as any man could killing the stereotypes that we are weak a nd we aren't leaders. . The siamese skeleton represents the death of the stereotype we were once bonded to.
What's next for Haus of Belle?
Riight now, we are almost ready to release our full collecction for this season. Armed 7 Ready, it's very BOLD very ethnic and powerful. the new season delivery will be sold upon the opening of our new online shoppe! alongside a free downloadable mixtape! We've also extended the brand to accessories! =)

Will we be seeing more colors from this collection or are you just keeping it simple black and white, black and white (Wiz khalifa voice lol)

The color palettes are very blacks white, nudes. but the the print makes up for the simplistic colors, there are however pops of coral and taupe through out the collection.

The Haus of Belle "Villain Sisters" Tank top is going up for pre-release February 19th, 2011 to begin the countdown of the opening
of the online shoppe. From MOB to Haus of Belle we wish you the best of luck and success


  1. Hey cool post! Where is her shop at? I would LOVE to purchase a few of these shirts.

  2. hey, sorry about the late response but she will have a site coming soon. do you have an email that we can contact you and let you know when everything will be available?

  3. It's cool & yes I do

  4. okay, the collection will be available next saturday! i sent your email over to her so she should be contacting you soon! thanks for your interest!