Sunday, January 23, 2011

MOB University

Hello my college students all over the globe, or even if not in college because it isn't for everybody I still encourage you to read this. Ahh where do I start, it was just senior year of HS now I'm in my second year of college WTF. Anywho the point of this is because many of us have returned to our second semester and can't wait for this year to be over. But the way I look at it is.. do it for yourself, do your best and finish with a BANG !! There's a few way to keep sane while in college:
1. SLEEP. . we might not get a lot of it, but we have to get at least 8 hours in for about 3 days.
2. F
RIENDS. . below you see a picture of my wonder full friends that I have met here. When you go away to college, your home sick and it gets lonely, your going to need that one good conversation, the one good laugh and one good party every weekend to just let go!(Shoutout to Britany, Lia, Christina,and Serene)
3. STUDY. . this is pretty much self explanatory, if you don't study you fail point blank.

please excuse this random person

TU! School spirit !

Love.Live.Life. .
xoxo Chu from TU !

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