Friday, January 14, 2011

A Man is Defined by What He Wears . .

Suits. We've seen the celebrities in the best suit, but not only them can pull it off. . Watch and Learn. About last year I've been noticing some of my friends taking the initiative to go out and purchase a few good suits. I was actually surprise of what they're capable of. But what women only wants to see a male in street clothing, switch it up a bit, let yourself be notice by a classy women. Only the #HoodHoes like's a basic clothes wearing guy! If you don't know how to pick out a suit, here are some steps. .

1. Take a women with you. . they know best.

2. Know your size. . you don't want the chest area of the suit to big, as well as the length and the waist which gives you a fitted look and reduce the bulk.

3. Colors. . stick to the basics. Black, Grey, navy blues. And dear to be different! Try velvet, but personally I think my dark skin fellas can rock that better.

4. Style. . 3 piece suits are really classy, but if you feel like it's took much clothes just go for the regular 2 button suit with the simple single or double vent in the back of the jacket

5. Shirt . .Please choose the correct arm length, we don't want when your about to hug a female and your sleeves start to raise. Also simple colors white and/or pastels will do.

6. Tie. . You can choose pretty much any kind of tie you like. Stay away from very flashy designs, they tend to make you look like an aspiring pimp.

Check out some of our friends who shows us a different side to them.

Kappas that we met on New Years
Don C
Rich from Temple U. Remember when I said dear to be different, that's exactly what he did! Along with the green button down shirt, blue tie and Ralph Lauren navy blue Double Breasted blazer with gold button, finished off by khaki's . . he altered it so well.
Mark, Drew, and Kani(also looking dapper in velvet) looking smooth
This is one of my favorite's. .Moe(@Moee_Betta)Velvet Paul Stuart jacket/suit.
Not a full suit but you catch our drift, GQ Quinny
(@Mark_MyWord) . . Can you say ALL Black EVERYTHING!

Splash Life from Queens(Pop, Moe, Alec, Lay, and Gerry). Wish we had a full pic, Well done fellas.
"Toast to the Good Life"
Sean.K(@stillsean) with a nice black silky simple suit accompanied with an LV scarf.
Duckie in the full blue Velvet.

@Flyestoncampus in Tom Ford
Enve @Charli3Bartlett
Of course the only female to make this post, @DivaNiesh. Men aren't the only one who can wear suits and look stunning. She dressed it up instead of the typical New Years Eve dress as She went head to head with the fellas and obviously won this battle. Her bow tie complements her suit drastically.
Don't you love a guy in a suit!

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