Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years from MOB !

Happy New Years to all of our viewers and supporters of The MOB Lifestyle !! Despite the fact that we literally brought our New Year's in a cab, this New Year will be one we'll never forget. We attended a socialite/entrepreneur's party by the name of Duckie Brown in the city at a nice lounge. As soon as we got to the club we saw our wonderful friend Qua, we got our drinks and dance the night away, and the rest of the night was history. The event we attended was a strict suit and tie for the guys, (YES us ladies love a guy in a suit) and the ladies wore nice dresses either black, metallic or a lot of sequins! Of course MOB had to shoutout the best dressed (in our opinion) MOE ! (@Moee_betta). The Paul Stuart velvet blazer jacket he wore to top the suit off. From there, our weekend wasn't over. On 1.1.11 MOB attended another party New hosted by Splash Ent. x Guess Who Ent x PDees of NY. Although it was hell to get into that party, we still pulled some strings and got through. We only partied for about 1hr and 30mins but SO WHAT! We made the best of it. Surprised to see our brother Mark, we were also happy. Overall a lot of people showed MOB a lot of love, I believe we were truly missed. Lol. Check out the pics below!

Friends since 2nd grade ♥
Mark and Chu
Ky, Mark and Kalisha
Smooth Moe

Kay and Ky :_*
Qua Buzzin and Ky =)

Aww Ky
Ky and Chu

Cee and Ky
Happy New Years from MOB

P.S. We meet a young stylist, he approached and said are you the MOB girls, in a weird voice we replied yes, but then he began to talk about our blog, we were so happy. He went on to say he visits our blog daily and we give him inspiration! HA! Take that you other basic blogs. Well we love you kind sir, you gave us life =)


  1. you ladies are FAB! @Saddity (ky) can i ask what phone that is that you have & what company is it by?

  2. YESSSS !!! You guys looked AMAZING !! ;)

  3. thank you !!

    And i have the iPhone 4 by AT&T. :)