Friday, September 25, 2009

Supreme Collection x A.P.C.

The Supreme Collection x A.P.C. collabo will hit stores and online October 1st, 2009 and October 3rd,2009 in Japan. The collaboration includes two differnet pieces of clothing, a pair of denim and a graphic t-shirt.

The jean, a specially designed version of A.P.C.’s classic New Standard style, will feature a back pocket embroidery and a removable pin. The tee will come in two colors; red (available exclusively at Supreme stores) and black (available exclusively at A.P.C. Stores).

Oprah meets Brooklyn.

Oprah allowed HipHop to sit on her couch. . I'm not exactly sure of my thoughts on that but I know thats history in the Hip Hop/Rap world.

Part 1

Part 2

In part 3, Oprah addresses why she isn’t a big fan of rap music and they debate on the “N” word and it’s meaning.

Jay-z on the "N" word:
“People give words power. For our generation, What we did is we took the word and we took the power out of that word. We took a word that was very ugly and hurtful and took the power out of that word.”

Oprah on the "N" word:
“My generation and generations before me (coming up through the civil rights movement), that word carries a sense of hatred and degradation. I always think about when people are screaming it at your concerts, I think about Black men that were lynched and that is the last word they heard.”

They both "agreed to disagree."

Part 3

At the end of that, Jay taught Oprah how to freestyle, comedy within itself!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby-G meets MOB

A couple weeks ago we did a post about Baby-G going green with there new watches. And because of that post we were lucky enough to be sent some of the watches that were featured on the blog. Baby-G mentioned that they wanted more of a younger and female crowd wearing their watches and I guess they felt that M.O.B. fit the criteria :-).
Below are pictures of us in the watches that were sent for us & the watch itself.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video of the week 2*

Video for Drake (Feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem) - Forever.

Enjoy MOB lovers.
x and o's

Monday, September 21, 2009

Video of the week

Keri Hilson - Slow Dance

Decided to "slow" down on all the rap and put up something new from the one we all love. MISS KERI BABY !
im personally feeling this song alot.
peep Monica, Omarion and Chris Brown in the video.
also peep the snake skin dress she has on.
looks familar doesnt it ? well Amber Rose recently had it on at an event.

but anywho, enjoy the video
x and o's

Hellz Bellz Fall 2009 Delivery 1 "Style Warriors" Collection

Here's a sneak peak of Delivery 2 "Midnight Riders"

and that's it. lol
x and o's

BBC/Ice Cream Fall|Winter 2009.

These pieces are from the Billionaire Boys Club/ Ice Cream Fall/Winter 2009 September release which includes the ROCKET SWEATSHIRT, MISSION PATCH JACKET,and MISSION PATCH T-SHIRT.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Moncler Gamme Bleu Collection F/W 2009.

Winter 2009 is fastly approaching. Your jackets/coats, hats, and scarfs must be in tact & Moncler is attempting to add a bit of flair to your average winter gear.

F#%K What You Heard. We Don't Play.

Comme Des Garcons, everyone's new guilty pleasure - has released some brand new stuff on their sub-line "PLAY" & I'm in love. Brand new bright vibrant colors instead of the normal Green, Red, White, Grey & Black. Plus, CDG has teamed up with Converse to create the "Play Chucks".

Peep This:

Love it.

x's & o's...

" Im in Mason* uh Martin Margiela "

Mason Martin Margiela has been doing it up real big this season with the foot wear. As part of their Fall/Winter 2009 Collection, Martin Margiela once again presents their popular high top sneaker. They decided to go with a variety of colors. Not only high top, and different colors were in mind but also but the collaboration with suede makes the shoe a bit more smooth. On top of all of this, the Motorcycle High Top Trainer Boot and the The "cut-out" high top shoe is also something to fuck with. Who said only females can have a mean shoe game :)

step outside the box this fall.
x and o's