Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby-G meets MOB

A couple weeks ago we did a post about Baby-G going green with there new watches. And because of that post we were lucky enough to be sent some of the watches that were featured on the blog. Baby-G mentioned that they wanted more of a younger and female crowd wearing their watches and I guess they felt that M.O.B. fit the criteria :-).
Below are pictures of us in the watches that were sent for us & the watch itself.

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  1. G-shocks be poppin, don't get me wrong I have a couple myself. But the customer service @ casio is just bad. It's a bunch of old hick women. I called about 4x's bc they kept sending my shit on backorder and each time it was a different hick-ass lady. ah the price of fashion. Check out Let's Do Lunch..artists on the come up.