Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are You Paranoid?

I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. Do you?

FABOLOUS; just how I like it ! =)

"Throw it in the bag"

"It's my time"

Who's next series?

Hot 97’s Who’s Next Series Featuring Drake at S.O.B.’s in New York City on Tuesday night.

Drake & Bun B

Drake & Hot 97's Miss Info

there were also appearences from Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, & your boy Big but I'm to lazy to put them up. .=D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Married To The MOB's - "Lost Summer" '09 Collection.

I'm fuckin in love. Leah never ceases to amaze me when it comes down to this line.
Peep the "Lost Summer" collection.

Are you official enough? Married To the MOB.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Miami is where its a for Memorial Weekend

... So Megan Goode says as she parties in MIA for Memorial weekend.

As well as Rick Ross and Fabolous at Club Cameo brought to you by BET
1445 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

Hope you all enjoy your Memorial weekend becuase MOB did =]

Trina making a comeback....

Trina is featured on the cover of the Spring Issue of Bleu Magazine, on newsstands June 11. In this issue Trina reveals some intimate details too Editor-in-Chief, Lennox Magee about her raunchy image, her being in love with Denver Nuggets basketball star Kenyon Martin(PS he's hott) and the direction of her upcoming album.
Click to view full size imageClick to view full size image
Click to view full size imageClick to view full size image

Bape Bapesta Shark Release

You may have seen the Bape shark hoodie design has appeared on lots of pieces such as, t-shirts, hoodies etc. Now it also comes to the Bapesta sneaker. The pack consists of four Bapestas, each featuring a different design shark hoodie head on the heel. The pack will be released May 23rd.

Alife Summer 2009 Footwear .The Shell Toe skate inspired high top comes in a tonal red colorway, with a suede upper and rubber shell toe.


The new June 2009 VOGUE features Cameron Diaz with a Fashion and a eco-friendly green twist to it. Diaz talks about her new movie My Sister’s Keeper, the roles she chooses, being eco-conscious, and about aging.
The new Teen VOGUE June 2009 features Selena Gomez. 16 years old Gomez admits that what she looks for in a boyfriend has changed a lot lately. With one serious relationship behind her—she dated super famous Nick Jonas—she happily confesses: “I used to say that I wanted someone cute and nice, an actor too.

Monday, May 18, 2009

LMAO! comedyy...

Recessionista x P.O.P & others x M.O.B's Stylin' !

Lately M.O.B hasn't really been updating you on our LIFESTYLE, because we've been extremely busy being productive ; school, working, TRACK ! lol. But yesterday M.O.B's Stylin' participated in a Vendors sale / Recessionista Fashion Show thanks to Miss Coco. & I, Saddity was there to witness it all. . Fashion was at work, but met us there after, and Hollywood was in Florida "somewhere under palm trees,calmly" LOL. Stylin' modeled for the "Princess of the Posse" line. =)

& here's the Designer of Princess of the Posse : Kelly, I basically sat there and assisted her the whole time, she made wonderful sales & I THROWED THEM IN THE BAG, LITERALLY !

So since it was called "Recessionista", clothing that was usually higher priced were out there for cheap, & who doesnt like that. .LOL.

here's a backshot of her modeling, peep the legs. . lol

& also, having the luck that I have, (sometimes) I won the raffle !!! filled w. goods too much to name, so i was happy about that. .
Overall it was a wonderful thing . .
& we're productive once again, yayy M.O.B!

Kid Cudi is "UP THERE" .

Mr. Solo Dolo and his meteoric rise amidst a failing record industry, 10.Deep is re-releasing the oft-requested Kid Cudi “Up There” Tee, a premium shirt introduced with the release of the mixtape last year. .The tee will be available Wednesday, May 20th at 12pm.

interested ? click here! 10spot

My Mini Most Official Getaway. (:

So yesterday I came back from my wonderful mini vacation to Florida that I departed for last Thursday. At first I actually wasn't going to go but after some thought, I decided that getting away for a while would be beneficial - So I dipped, loll.
Anyways, here's the complete rundown of my vacation. =]

So I started off my day by waking up at 7 am. Mama Hollywood insisted that I go to school but that was definitely a negative so I was a little pissed off that she woke me up. >=[

I left Brooklyn at around 3 o'clock & took my ass on the New Jersey Transit to head to my cousins house to meet up with them so we could head to the airport.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
So afterwards when I got there, we left their house at around 6 o'clock & headed to the airport. Now I'm not sure if alot of you know this about me but I have a slight fear of flying so I wasn't looking forward to getting on that plane that much, lol.
Naturally, I had no choice. So before I boarded the plane, I sent Mama Hollywood a "I love you" text & called Saddity. That helped me to relax a bit.
On the bright side, I was in first class. I mean, what'd you expect? You know what the M.O.B. are about. ;)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Kyeisha - my lovely cousin. [: )

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My flight was set to depart at 8 o'clock so at around 7:59pm, I was about ready to piss myself because I knew there was no turning back.
8:00pm finally came & IT WAS TIME FOR TAKE OFF!!!

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So we arrived in Florida at around 11:00pm.
I was basically shook by the time I got off that plane because for 3 hours, it felt like I was on a aircraft that was being thrown around by a evil 4 year old kid.
I was pretty upset.

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As soon as I reached to my aunt's house - I was ready to sleep. Lol. So Kyeisha & I ate like 2 fat fucks & called it a night.

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That pretty much summed up my Thursday night.
Honestly, my Friday there wasn't fun at all. I chilled inside for most of the day.

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This is how much the boredom got to me, smh...

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So I just kept on taking pictures, lol...

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So all of a sudden, my aunt rolls up to the house talking about how she wants to take me & Kyeisha out. I was with it! I deadass felt like she was my savior...until I walked up to her car & realized she had leather seats.
I have 3rd degree burns on my left ass cheek.
Obviously she thought leather was a good idea. -_-

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That basically sums up my Friday. Saturday was much more entertaining & relaxing.
That Saturday morning I was told that we would finally get to go swimming so I geared up...

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& went to my older cousins house who I hadn't seen in forever & got a pleasant surprise when I walked through the door. She dog a new dog named Samantha who had to be the cutest/ugliest dog I had ever seen.

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So after Samantha jumped on me, licked me & tore my leg apart in the sweetest way possible - it was pool timeeeeee!

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I hadn't been in the pool in such a long time so it was amazing. (:
Afterwards I was exhausted, so I went inside - kicked Kyeisha's ass in NBA 2K9 a few times then fell asleep while watching Quarantine.
After a while, I felt something touching my face & I woke up to find my cousins sweet little kitty (named Siam) giving me kisses.

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Isn't he cute? (:
So my day basically came to end at around 9:00pm because I had to wake up at 4am to catch a 7am flight.
This was my goodbye to Florida...

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I didn't go to sleep that night until around 1am which was pretty much a stupid fuckin idea. -__-
My ass got woken up at 4am on the dot!
This was the product of 3 hours of sleep...

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I boarded the plane at 7:15am & departed at 7:30am back to New York.
Best believe I slept the whole goddamn time.
Overall my little vacation was nice. I didn't do much but the sound of crickets at night, the unbelievably warm weather & seeing stars for the first time in 7 years was some of the things that made it more than worth it.
Definitely looking forward to going back for a while this summer.
Only difference will be that my Most Official Bitches will be in attendance with me & when I mean were gonna flip Florida upside down - were going to every beach, every amusement park, were gonna be EVERYWHERE.
Stay on the lookout for that. (:
x's & o's,
Hollywood ♥.