Monday, May 11, 2009

How are you riding?

I definetly didn't see this one coming but . . this here is the 2009 "Gucci Cruiser Bicycle" with Gucci script logo on frame, engraved GG handlebar bell, spring saddle, front and rear fenders, rear rack, headlight, and rear light. It also includes seat pack with buckle closure and double pannier with signature web handle, two compartments with clip closure, and velcro attachment straps. & It also has a bronze metal frame with chocolate guccissima leather seat, handlebars, seat pack, and pannier. There's also another variation (..white) . .
This CRUISER runs for $6,365.00 , what do you prefer? this bike or a car? lol.

*good lookin' FL"YYY" for this post. ;)

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