Monday, May 18, 2009

Recessionista x P.O.P & others x M.O.B's Stylin' !

Lately M.O.B hasn't really been updating you on our LIFESTYLE, because we've been extremely busy being productive ; school, working, TRACK ! lol. But yesterday M.O.B's Stylin' participated in a Vendors sale / Recessionista Fashion Show thanks to Miss Coco. & I, Saddity was there to witness it all. . Fashion was at work, but met us there after, and Hollywood was in Florida "somewhere under palm trees,calmly" LOL. Stylin' modeled for the "Princess of the Posse" line. =)

& here's the Designer of Princess of the Posse : Kelly, I basically sat there and assisted her the whole time, she made wonderful sales & I THROWED THEM IN THE BAG, LITERALLY !

So since it was called "Recessionista", clothing that was usually higher priced were out there for cheap, & who doesnt like that. .LOL.

here's a backshot of her modeling, peep the legs. . lol

& also, having the luck that I have, (sometimes) I won the raffle !!! filled w. goods too much to name, so i was happy about that. .
Overall it was a wonderful thing . .
& we're productive once again, yayy M.O.B!

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