Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Birkin Baby !

Cute isn't it ? Loll. Thanksss. =]

Wanna know what i was looking at before i took this photo ? Hermès Birkin bags. 100% beautiful and 100% outta my price range until one of 2 things :
1. I take someones from them.
2. I get older , make my 6 figure salary & buy one.
Loll , i guess I'll have to go with choice #2.

Birkin bags were named after a British-born actress and singer Jane Birkin & are manufactured by Hermès and leather goods.

Birkin's clientele includes of course Jane Birkin , Victoria Beckham , Naomi Campbell , Janet Jackson , Demi Moore , Lindsay Lohan , Lil' Kim , Nicole Richie & Pharrell , to name a few.

Here are some pictures of different Birkin bags :

Pharrell's purple Hermes HAC (Haut Au Corrois) a.k.a the " original " Birkin is AMAZINNGGG !! The one pictured here is one of two custom made HAC's he has. I'm fucking J-E-A-L-O-U-S.
My dream Birkin. Yeah i know , it's kinda flashy but i mean if your gonna spend over $7500 on a bag...what the hell , do it big !

Birkin's starting price is $7500 [ not including tax ] and can reach to 5-6 figure prices especially when the bag is made from the skins of exotic animals.

Jay-Z is a big fan of Birkin's. Some of his songs include lines like :
"Hermès Birkin Bags, Manolo Blahniks, Timbs, Aviator Lenses..."
"I used to bag girls like Birkin bags. Now I bag B..."
"Comin' back with Birkin bags. Your chick is like ' what type of purse is that? '"

Do you love 'em as much as Jay does ? Get one by calling Hermes and ordering it. Warning : the waiting list is like 3 months. Try your luck though. =]

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ummm , " So " What ?!

Shout out's to Jimmy Taverniti for being as creative as he is ! Taverniti So is one of my favorite jean companies. The make of the jeans are amazing and they are comfortable as hell.

You might be looking at this like what the eff is with all the metallic but i feel like all the extra decorations just add to the flawlessness of the jeans. I'm not sure who can exactly pull off a silver skirt but hey , that doesn't make it any less amazing.

& Yes , just in case your wondering , he does make jeans without all the shine.

I love the pocket on these.

Unfortunately , i don't really have a taste for Taverniti's anymore thanks to all the females who made then unappealing to me by holding them up with cheap $5 dollar belts and pairing them with sneakers.

Infatuated yet ? Get a pair here : Taverniti So

Just promise to not abuse them.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

" My Drive Thru "

Did you see the new talk on t.v? Well i did and decided to blog about it =]

The new Converse's centennial celebration commercial which includes Santogold, a young singer/songwriter from Phily, Julian Casablancas, a singer and a genre of alternative rock, and N.E.R.D's own Pharrell, who is a singer/producer. The three different artist have come together and made a very interesting song about a regular day in the famous Converse's black and white sneakers.

My opinion I really like the commercial. its different and not the same ol' funny or maybe pointless commercial that you see everyday. Something that actually took interest with my eyes.

There's Something About Marc !

Sorry that i haven't updated for two days ! I've been busy & not feeling too great but now I'm back & i've come with alot to say.
Well not ALOT . More like two words : Marc Jacobs.
Don't know who he is ?! Ask his biggest fan Lil' Wayne. Don't know Lil' Wayne ? Well your in luck. ;]
I used to be a HUGE fan of Jacobs until people started to abuse his line [ just like they did Gucci & Vuitton ] and i completely lost interest.

...well lets just now my interest in him is back and very strong.

AHHHHHH , ISN'T HE JUST THE CUTEST ? Although , i must admit the cigarette part is a bit gross.
If your wondering , Jacobs is the artistic director for Louis Vuitton.
Also if you didn't know , Murakami is a famous Japanese artist. NO ONE can tell me they have never seen his work. He's the mastermind behind the artwork of Kanye West's ' Graduation ' album & let's be serious...who hasn't seen the cover of that album ?! I rest my case.

The point of all this...

Marc is simply amazing.

Here's a little proof of that:

[ Marc by Marc Jacobs ]

Speaks for itself.

Extremely cute ! I despise bracelets/bangles but i would wear this.

Long story short - Marc is where it's at. Get your Jacobs fix here : Marc Jacobs

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Parsons - Where A Dream Starts...

So it's 90 - some odd degrees outside and I'm in front of my laptop sniffling & sneezing because i have a cold. Yeah don't ask , i have no idea how i got sick in the summer either. But i was looking over the previous posts and i saw that Stylin' made a post about the new season of ' Project Runway '. Hopefully she won't miss a single episode and will keep you guys updated every step of the way. =] Well Stylin' inspired me to do a post about the location where they shoot most of ' Project Runway ' is...of course in the ever glamorous New York City ! Here's the funny thing though...I've lived in New York City for my whole life and I've walked past Parsons: The New School For Design many times without in fact realizing what it was. One day while shopping with the girls , we walked past building in which Parsons is located & i looked up , noticed the red sign and said " Oh shit ! Yo ,That's PARSONS ! ". The blank stares i received back indicated that I'm somewhat of a jackass because they already knew.

Obviously , Parsons: The New School For Design has alot to offer. Their departments of study range from Animation to Art History to Robotics. Although , it doesn't end there.

Besides being the prime location where ' Project Runway ' is shot , the administration at Parsons knows their shit.

Here's what Parsons administration says their " mission " is :
" Parsons focuses on creating engaged citizens and outstanding artists, designers, scholars and business leaders through a design-based professional and liberal education. Parsons students learn to rise to the challenges of living, working and creative decision making in a world where human experience is increasingly designed. The school embraces curricular innovation, pioneering uses of technology, collaborative methods and global perspectives on the future of design. "

If you ever want to see the school up close , Parson's is located on West 40th St & 7th Ave " Fashion Ave. "

& if your fresh out of high school and looking for a place to start a career in fashion , click this now : Parsons The New School For Design

' Spazz ' Music Video.

One word : Yummm. ;]

Happy Birthday to Stylin also know as ChuChu`*

its my birthday....well it was my birthday on Monday... i turned 17...i feel great ..i feel fresh.. new.. things of that nature. Thanks to my three sexy ladies they had a wonderful party for ME. it was going swell until two not sexy young ladies started smoking in the bathroom. NEED I SAY MORE. Indeed i was sad, because the party could no longer go on [tear]. but im happy with that Saturday night.. and everyone who came out to show love ♥

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fifth Season of Fabolous

Hi... [Heidi Klum's voice] the new season of Project runway is finally here. Despite the impending network switch, Klum tells Entertainment Weekly that she’s all about season five of “Project Runway,” which will debut on Bravo today July 16 =] . the first task for the 16 contestants is going to a supermarket buying material with $75 then making their "own" outfit/style. The best stylists is Kelly with using vacuum bags for a dress ....interesting you say..INDEED....the worsts stylists in my opinion is Stella with making a simple garbage into a dress... YAWN i could have done that. Drum roll winner of the first challenge is Kelly with her unique style. the first person going home is Gerry =[

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

...The Myspace Epidemic.

Maybe it's just me and my best friends, but don't you find it absolutely ghetto when people write on their pictures, especially when the writing is pointless ? It's one thing if you take a picture and you consider it photography and you don't want people to steal it, so you inscribe your name very small in the lower portion of the picture, but i find it completely OUTRAGEOUS when on the picture is your nick name " Lil' Nicki " , referring to the rapper Nicki Minaj or what "hood" your from. I'm not going to sit here and make it seem as if I don't occasionally say ghetto things here and there, but others really blow it out of proportion. I can't even call it a fad, or a " just for the moment " thing, because its been around for quite awhile, i just feel that much more people in our generation are trying this horrible epidemic. Basically the point of this is, I think there needs to be a gigantic change with MY generation as a whole. It's not like what their writing on there pictures are having people look at them in a different way, neither are we discriminating against them BUT, when my best friends and I look at them our first impression is these people are "ghetto" , I personally think you guys are a HUGE JOKE.





Give It To Her. ;]

At one point , doesn't it look like the wall behind Madonna is the Goyard print but upside down ?
Her and Pharrell look like their enjoying themselves.
The song isn't all that great but the video is cool.
Anyways , much props to Madonna for this.

Baby , Zip Me Up.

Don't you hate when your zipper breaks ? Or when it gets stuck ? Well if your a fan of Dsquared , you have those problems and many more to worry about. Personally , i think these designs are sick. They are very modern and have a " punky " feel to them. Isn't that what everyone is into now ? Thanks to Rihanna.

This dress is my personal favorite. A nice pair of gold pumps or sandals would complete the look.

This jacket is creativity at it's prime. All the zippers add a edgy-ness to it but the gold hardware makes it a little more elegant.

Want more ? Zip up here : Dsquared

For The Wannabe MOB's

Being one of the Most Official Bitches out there might not be easy for some but as for me and my ladies, it basically comes natural more like easier than breathing. Its more than just claiming it and wearing the line, but it has to do with inner and outer beauty which all of us have. Confidence, Brilliance, Sarcasm, Sense of style and taste when it comes to clothing and the opposite sex is just a few of the criteria's to name. i love my MOB, and we love each other so much.... we're practically MARRIED!

more to come people
so stay tuned!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Meet The M.O.B. =]

Most Official Bitches.

An interesting title with an even more interesting story behind it. As you know , Married To The M.O.B. is infact an actual clothing line created by Leah McSweeney that's been apart of the fashion industry since 2004. McSweeney in my opinion , has to be the most bold , outspoken female to walk the face of this earth. Sitting at just a mere 25 years old , McSweeney is an ideal role-model for any teenage girl that loves the message her clothes put out there.

Yeah , i know what your thinking - " What a RUDE thing to print on a t-shirt. ". Most parents don't approve of it. Others like mine , laugh at these humorous sayings. Basically , i love the concept of anything Married To The M.O.B. has to offer. I think McSweeney & her crew make these raunchy , suggestive t-shirts to show that women are just as supreme as men. Females , you can't argue with that. If men can say it , why can't we ?! Most women don't think that it's " lady-like " or " classy " to wear shirts that have such bold statements on them but i believe that McSweeney is just showing the world that there are a select few women out there who don't give a shit what people think and believe that anything a man can say or do , a girl can too. Umm Leah , your the shit mama. =D

You might be wondering why me and my 3 best friends call ourselves " The M.O.B. ". We are a part of that " select few women " that have the same beliefs as McSweeney. No , we aren't trying to " get down with the GET DOWN " , if you happen to know us , you would know that we are each a perfect description of what a " Most Official Bitch " is.

Don't agree or don't like it ?

Get the fuck off my blog.

This is just the beginning.

Keep visiting.

Become a frequent reader of " The M.O.B. Lifestyle ".

Trust me... won't be disappointed.