Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tie Dye Pencil Leg

J Brand hits the newest trend with 'Zombie' whiskered, beat up, ripped and bleached jeans that shade from palest almost white grey to medium grey in a tie dye kind of look. Otherwise, they are the great five pocket straight leg style you love. These jeans are so sexy and it can be worn on tall and skinny, or short and thick =].
$ 218.00

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rest In Peace.

Thursday June 25th, 2009 - something occurred that shocked the world.
Micheal Jackson, the King of Pop - suddenly died at the age of 50.
Sad is not even the word to express the feeling towards this tragedy.
A humanitarian, idol & a musical pioneer left us. I am honestly still in shock.
Micheal is believed to have went into cardiac arrest & after an hour of trying - doctors were unable to revive him.
As soon as the news of his passing spread, the Internet went wild. Myspace, Facebook & especially Twitter.
This is still unbelievable to me.
Rest In Peace Micheal Jackson ♥, We Will Miss You Dearly.

As well, the same day we lost the beautiful Farrah Fawcett to cancer at the age of 62.
To whoever doesnt know who she was, Farrah was one of the original Charlie's Angel's & was well known for that amazing hair flip she had. (:
Rest in Peace Farrah Fawcett ♥ Your A Real Angel Now.

So We've Been Kind Of Playing Recently...

& I deeply apologize. =\ Summer's here now - meaning obviously no school; lots of appearances; lots of pictures for you guys & of course...LOTS OF BLOGGING!
To say the least, the blog has been slipping lately, and we've put so much work into this blog over the past year that I refuse to let it fall off.
So we're back! - Sorry for the neglect guys.

So what's been going on recently?
- Saddity & Stylin are no longer high school students, they've graduated.
- I'm in the process of planning my Sweet 16 - pretty excited about that.
- Fashion like always has been living the life of a working woman but still always has time for us.
- Parties, parties, parties (were becoming REAL socialites lol.)

Anyways, I guess this post was just our re-introduction back into the blogging world! ♥

x's & o's...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Lala Vazquez is buggin out!ed her new haircut

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dedication to...!!

Mark aka Mark the Kaws aka Mark_myword (on twitter) aka MOB's big brother. Mark always looks out for MOB that's why we love him such as the time when we went to Summer Jam and the line to go back on the bus was TOOO LONG and Mark decided that we weren't stay on the line.. so he skiped and we followed. Some thristy ass bitch was saying " No yall skipping , i'm telling ". So as usual we laugh and Mark replied " you really gon do this miss ". Lol just all comedy..anywho MOB loves Mark mucho.

P.S. ladies hit him up on twitter.com/Mark_myword

Longchamp x Jeremy Scott “Phone Print” Pliage Bag

Longchamp does it again =] ,Jeremy Scott teams up with French bag brand Longchamp on their unique bag. In time for summer the designer presents a bright red colorway of the bag with an all-over phone print. The bag is now available at colette.

Jamie Foxx ft. Drake performing Digital Girl

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MTTM'S New Logo.

Okay so I won't lie. At first glance; I wasn't too fond of it. Whatsoever.
But then I peeped the way it looked on the sleeve & i could definitely get used to that.
It's kind of a "love/hate" thing for me.
This is what MTTM has to say about it...
"The ‘puckered kiss’ that has been the brand’s logo since their start in 04’ is getting a tune-up. Why the change? Leah McSweeney – MTTM’s creator – explains that ‘we’re no longer just t-shirts and hoodies, the line is expanding and growing up, we wanted a new logo to emphasize that change’. The new logo is sleek and more versatile, much like the direction the clothes are taking, while still keeping to its provocative, street style roots. Head of Karmaloop in Boston, Dina Sekoe agrees, stating that “Leah's release of her new logo coincides with Mob's upcoming 5th anniversary; the saucy logo perfectly captures Mob's continuing growth & increasing sophistication, while maintaining it's sexy in-your-face swagger. Love it!" Michael Dupouy of Paris’ L MJC (author of ALL GONE, editions 06-08) spoke on behalf of the brands European and male influence: “Honestly, I like it. It's more mature and it reflects the evolution of the brand to something more classy”. Sometimes your pout needs a fresh coat or new shade of lipstick, and MTTM is only looking to make their lips even more kissable."
Fuck it; get used to it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lakers vs Magics

Look whos watching the game and ruting for the LAKERS!
Kanye wore his very own Louis Vuitton ‘Jasper’ sneakers (retailed for $990) to complete the black look..Which stood out =]

Soulja Boy
Lil Wayne (hope this is not the reason why his ass wasn't at Summer Jam)


Paper Air Yeezy

...Like woah I think this a cool thing to have.
Paper Nike Air Yeezy by Filippo Perin presents his series of paper origami sneakers.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

new ELLE

the new ELLE featuring Megan Fox.. who appeared on the MTV movie awards. She also sports her tattoo's such as "we will all laugh at gilded butterflies" on her back, as well as Marilyn Monroe tatted on her arm. This issue's theme is called the "The Body Issue" about hair, nails, skin, and a SEXIER body.
Crazy like a Fox!

Officially twitterers -_-!

follow the most officials on twitter ;





Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Your Birthday So...

I don't care what anyone says. This was the PERFECT video for this song.