Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MTTM'S New Logo.

Okay so I won't lie. At first glance; I wasn't too fond of it. Whatsoever.
But then I peeped the way it looked on the sleeve & i could definitely get used to that.
It's kind of a "love/hate" thing for me.
This is what MTTM has to say about it...
"The ‘puckered kiss’ that has been the brand’s logo since their start in 04’ is getting a tune-up. Why the change? Leah McSweeney – MTTM’s creator – explains that ‘we’re no longer just t-shirts and hoodies, the line is expanding and growing up, we wanted a new logo to emphasize that change’. The new logo is sleek and more versatile, much like the direction the clothes are taking, while still keeping to its provocative, street style roots. Head of Karmaloop in Boston, Dina Sekoe agrees, stating that “Leah's release of her new logo coincides with Mob's upcoming 5th anniversary; the saucy logo perfectly captures Mob's continuing growth & increasing sophistication, while maintaining it's sexy in-your-face swagger. Love it!" Michael Dupouy of Paris’ L MJC (author of ALL GONE, editions 06-08) spoke on behalf of the brands European and male influence: “Honestly, I like it. It's more mature and it reflects the evolution of the brand to something more classy”. Sometimes your pout needs a fresh coat or new shade of lipstick, and MTTM is only looking to make their lips even more kissable."
Fuck it; get used to it.

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  1. i'm always going to be a fan of MOB, no matter whatt. i feel like that's all i wear noww . lol.