Sunday, June 28, 2009

So We've Been Kind Of Playing Recently...

& I deeply apologize. =\ Summer's here now - meaning obviously no school; lots of appearances; lots of pictures for you guys & of course...LOTS OF BLOGGING!
To say the least, the blog has been slipping lately, and we've put so much work into this blog over the past year that I refuse to let it fall off.
So we're back! - Sorry for the neglect guys.

So what's been going on recently?
- Saddity & Stylin are no longer high school students, they've graduated.
- I'm in the process of planning my Sweet 16 - pretty excited about that.
- Fashion like always has been living the life of a working woman but still always has time for us.
- Parties, parties, parties (were becoming REAL socialites lol.)

Anyways, I guess this post was just our re-introduction back into the blogging world! ♥

x's & o's...

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