Sunday, December 6, 2009

Men's Louboutin Update.

Sooo in a previous post we showed our viewers the Men's 2010 Spring Louboutins. There has been some talk about another more calm pair of Men Louboutin sneakers that no one has really saw, but were yet anxious to see. Soo being the lovely people that we are, we have a picture of them for you ! These are a PURCHASED pair from a friend of ours (@guccigrinagee on twitter, follow him!), and he was kind enough to share a nice pic that he took of his sneakers with us! We were also told that if your feet are bigger than a 11/12 then your out of luck (sorry big guys), and he also doesn't want me to disclose where he purchased his from. Yes im guessing it's that serious.

It was only right we report to you guys with such a smooth pair.

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