Monday, October 12, 2009

RE-Introducing Thee OFFICIALS.

There comes a time in life when people realize that their missing something or someone in there life's in which they can not find in current friends or family. Thus there were THREE. Sadly, as well as relievingly The Most Official Street team has lost one. BUT HEY! don't be sulky, did you think that really was going to stop us..umm heck NO. We will and still are on our grind promoting like crazy.
This Weekend MOB and friends celebrated " Fashion's " 19th Birthday yay! (October 11th, 2009) Thanks to @PureHoneyyy 's house we had a wonderful get together for the youthful 19 young ladies birthday.

Do you like the Saturday's line up all in one room :-)

Then we played a little girly/bitchy music to get the night going and drinks flowing in our system.

Then our good friends @Flyestoncampus @stillsean @MrOhSoSmooth joined us first

@WaunDaun @Gorgeous_Nish


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