Thursday, October 29, 2009


A few weeks ago, my fellow Most Official, Fashion was lucky enough to win tickets to the POWERHOUSE concert conducted by the radio station Power 105.1! She was given two tickets to the concert that took place on October 27th and she took me :-) (Saddity), sorry Stylin', lol.

The concert was majority male dominated with singers and rappers such as Day 26, Mario, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, DJ Webstar, Maino, Red Cafe, Omarion, Sean Garrett, Fabolous, Chris Brown, The Dream & female hearthrob Trey Songz! This was Chris Brown's first time performing in close to a year since his incident with Rihanna. And I can say first hand that EVERYONE was happy for him to be back! The energy the crowd had was crazy, and the energy he gave off was crazier! He proved he still had "it" and we were proud to see that! His performance was great. Him not knowing what the reaction would be from the crowd didn't stop him at all. I loved that! Keri Hilson was the only estrogen featured in this concert, and I saw nothing wrong with that because of where she stands in the industry right now.

Here's a few pictures from the concert:

Fabolous managed to have the crowd rockin' despite his raspy voice! And he also messed up on his OWN SONG twice! But if you know me you know I didn't care! I was still in total BLISS!

Trey Songz? Hmmm. He introduced himself with a simple "YUUUUP" I dont think you would even understand me if i stressed how the ladies went completely OFF! I dont think we sat down the whole time he performed.

MissKeriBaby did her thing! Her energy was on point, and she performed strong, of course she looked magnificent doing so!

The Prince of R&B, CB proved that his time off only made him better. Seemed like even though he took days or even months off, he wasn't really "off".

Only God knows where they found Omarion but he has a new song I'm guessing and he performed it for about 5 seconds and a half. I didn't know the words so, I bopped along. LOL.

The Dream? AAAAH, he's like a breath of fresh air for R&B as well.

The concert overall was good, I wouldn't say great because I have been to better. .But I LOVED the line up, and thats all that matters. ♥

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