Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How Private Are You ?

For those who don't have me as a buddy on AIM & haven't seen my away message lol....

The Privacy In Public Website is now up ! Owner Carlton George is a close friend of mine and is an extremely creative & determined person who is on the mission to make his company go extremely far in the months & years to come.

Here's some pictures of the merchandise :

Nice right ? Peep the curly headed bitch...HELLLLLOOO HOLLYWOOD =]

Lol , yes i do model for Privacy In Public.

If the clothes aren't enough for you , read up about what PIP is all about :

" Privacy in Public is an expression of individuality; expressing yourself and showing the world who you are. At the same time, do so by being as private as you want to be. Drawing people in with your secure behavior, bringing interest about yourself to light. That is what Privacy in Public is about, and we express this through our clothing, and we will show the world just a little piece of our privacy in public. "

Sweet right ?

Click to get some PIP of your own ---> : Privacy In Public

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