Thursday, August 7, 2008

4 Inches Of Pure Sickness.

Sorry GUYS ! We've been gone from here for a while but trust us , it was for a good reason.
We've been out shopping , looking for new stuff to blog about , trying to get ready to go back to school [ well at least I've been lol ] & just enjoying life the M.O.B. way. Plus , a special someones birthday is coming up. Saddity's Super Sweet [ & Super Saddity ;) ] Sixteen on the 29th. Be on the lookout for pics !
Anyways , let's get back to it....shall we ?

I know some of you girls out there go in stores like Steve Madden and see those ridiculous 4 1/2 inch heels that look like you wont last 20 mins in them and think to yourself " those are hot , but are the worth breaking my neck for ? "

....yes. They actually are. =] But I'm not one of those that rely on Steve Madden for heels. I feel like heels should never look cheap because most of the time your shoes make your outfit and if your shoes look cheap then it throws the whole outfit off. Way off. Unless Madden's heels are leather , they look cheap. I'm not saying that ALL Steve Madden shoes look cheap because if that was the case i wouldn't buy his stuff and i have a million pairs of sandals by him. Plus he has a line called Steven by Steve Madden and they make fabulous looking high-heels. Of course , they cost more & are obviously better quality. Well that's just my personal opinion , your entitled to yours but for me when it comes to pumps , peep-toes , etc....i ALWAYS turn to the experts...

Take a look...

These Burberry ' Armor Plated ' T-Strap Sandal are amazing.

Balenciaga Facets Sandal is beautiful. Notice the heel design. Wicked right ?

Christian Louboutin - obviously a classic.

Of course there are others like Nanette Lepore , Michael Kors , Yves Saint Laurent , Via Spiga , Stuart Weitzman , Marc Jacobs , Fendi , MUI MUI , etc.

Normally , i would put a link here for a site but this time my advice would be to take the names I've given you & search them. You'll be surprised at what you'll find. ;]

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