Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Birkin Baby !

Cute isn't it ? Loll. Thanksss. =]

Wanna know what i was looking at before i took this photo ? Hermès Birkin bags. 100% beautiful and 100% outta my price range until one of 2 things :
1. I take someones from them.
2. I get older , make my 6 figure salary & buy one.
Loll , i guess I'll have to go with choice #2.

Birkin bags were named after a British-born actress and singer Jane Birkin & are manufactured by Hermès and leather goods.

Birkin's clientele includes of course Jane Birkin , Victoria Beckham , Naomi Campbell , Janet Jackson , Demi Moore , Lindsay Lohan , Lil' Kim , Nicole Richie & Pharrell , to name a few.

Here are some pictures of different Birkin bags :

Pharrell's purple Hermes HAC (Haut Au Corrois) a.k.a the " original " Birkin is AMAZINNGGG !! The one pictured here is one of two custom made HAC's he has. I'm fucking J-E-A-L-O-U-S.
My dream Birkin. Yeah i know , it's kinda flashy but i mean if your gonna spend over $7500 on a bag...what the hell , do it big !

Birkin's starting price is $7500 [ not including tax ] and can reach to 5-6 figure prices especially when the bag is made from the skins of exotic animals.

Jay-Z is a big fan of Birkin's. Some of his songs include lines like :
"Hermès Birkin Bags, Manolo Blahniks, Timbs, Aviator Lenses..."
"I used to bag girls like Birkin bags. Now I bag B..."
"Comin' back with Birkin bags. Your chick is like ' what type of purse is that? '"

Do you love 'em as much as Jay does ? Get one by calling Hermes and ordering it. Warning : the waiting list is like 3 months. Try your luck though. =]

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