Monday, July 14, 2008

Meet The M.O.B. =]

Most Official Bitches.

An interesting title with an even more interesting story behind it. As you know , Married To The M.O.B. is infact an actual clothing line created by Leah McSweeney that's been apart of the fashion industry since 2004. McSweeney in my opinion , has to be the most bold , outspoken female to walk the face of this earth. Sitting at just a mere 25 years old , McSweeney is an ideal role-model for any teenage girl that loves the message her clothes put out there.

Yeah , i know what your thinking - " What a RUDE thing to print on a t-shirt. ". Most parents don't approve of it. Others like mine , laugh at these humorous sayings. Basically , i love the concept of anything Married To The M.O.B. has to offer. I think McSweeney & her crew make these raunchy , suggestive t-shirts to show that women are just as supreme as men. Females , you can't argue with that. If men can say it , why can't we ?! Most women don't think that it's " lady-like " or " classy " to wear shirts that have such bold statements on them but i believe that McSweeney is just showing the world that there are a select few women out there who don't give a shit what people think and believe that anything a man can say or do , a girl can too. Umm Leah , your the shit mama. =D

You might be wondering why me and my 3 best friends call ourselves " The M.O.B. ". We are a part of that " select few women " that have the same beliefs as McSweeney. No , we aren't trying to " get down with the GET DOWN " , if you happen to know us , you would know that we are each a perfect description of what a " Most Official Bitch " is.

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