Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ummm , " So " What ?!

Shout out's to Jimmy Taverniti for being as creative as he is ! Taverniti So is one of my favorite jean companies. The make of the jeans are amazing and they are comfortable as hell.

You might be looking at this like what the eff is with all the metallic but i feel like all the extra decorations just add to the flawlessness of the jeans. I'm not sure who can exactly pull off a silver skirt but hey , that doesn't make it any less amazing.

& Yes , just in case your wondering , he does make jeans without all the shine.

I love the pocket on these.

Unfortunately , i don't really have a taste for Taverniti's anymore thanks to all the females who made then unappealing to me by holding them up with cheap $5 dollar belts and pairing them with sneakers.

Infatuated yet ? Get a pair here : Taverniti So

Just promise to not abuse them.

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