Sunday, July 20, 2008

There's Something About Marc !

Sorry that i haven't updated for two days ! I've been busy & not feeling too great but now I'm back & i've come with alot to say.
Well not ALOT . More like two words : Marc Jacobs.
Don't know who he is ?! Ask his biggest fan Lil' Wayne. Don't know Lil' Wayne ? Well your in luck. ;]
I used to be a HUGE fan of Jacobs until people started to abuse his line [ just like they did Gucci & Vuitton ] and i completely lost interest.

...well lets just now my interest in him is back and very strong.

AHHHHHH , ISN'T HE JUST THE CUTEST ? Although , i must admit the cigarette part is a bit gross.
If your wondering , Jacobs is the artistic director for Louis Vuitton.
Also if you didn't know , Murakami is a famous Japanese artist. NO ONE can tell me they have never seen his work. He's the mastermind behind the artwork of Kanye West's ' Graduation ' album & let's be serious...who hasn't seen the cover of that album ?! I rest my case.

The point of all this...

Marc is simply amazing.

Here's a little proof of that:

[ Marc by Marc Jacobs ]

Speaks for itself.

Extremely cute ! I despise bracelets/bangles but i would wear this.

Long story short - Marc is where it's at. Get your Jacobs fix here : Marc Jacobs

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