Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lil Wayne on CBS =]

So Late night on CBS, with other Grammy artist Lil Wayne, had an interview with Katie Couric. In the interview Katie asked some questions that the world didn't expect Wayne to answer. He answered it in such a articulate way... I'm proud of him. I honestly thought he was going to say stupid little one word answers. Yay Wayne. Katie got the privilege to bowl with Lil Wayne in which he said he's been bowling since the age of 16. Katie asked why did he take the D off Dwayne.. He answered because " I'm a Jr. , and I didn't know my father, he was never in my life" So i guess he felt he doesn't deserve to be a Jr. of his father because he's a good father to his two kids now age 10 years and 2 months. Then he continues on to say "I'm a gangster..I don't take nothing from no one!" Throughout school Wayne has been a straight A student. He explains his habits of drinking "syrup" and he says " I stand up for marijuana...I LOVE to smoke". My favorite part of this interview is the very last part.. too bad you have to watch the video to find out =]

Kudos to Lil Wayne

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