Friday, September 19, 2008

The GOD Of All Nail Polish.

......obviously it's Chanel + it's becoming a bit of an obsession......
& Lmao. Yes , those are my toes. Hollywood has beautiful feet. =*

Anyways , I really have a interest in Chanel nail polish at this point. It went from Opi , to Essie & now I'm finally here. As you could imagine , the polish is a bit price-y - but it's completely worth it. Trust me , if it was shit...I wouldn't tell you to spend your money on it. As you can see above , the polish is very rich. It only took one quick coat and I was finished ! How efficient is that ?! The color I have on my feet is called " Blue Satin ".

Take a look at a few of the color's Chanel offers :
Black Satin ( They had a 3 month waiting list for this ! ) :

Calypso :

Antilope :

LA Sunset , LA Sunrise , Melrose , Rodeo Drive ( in order as they appear ):

Are you as in love as I am ? Get some here : Chanel.

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