Friday, September 19, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld's Alter Ego...Is A Bear.

Yes people. It's true. Neiman Marcus will be releasing a " plush bear " that is supposedly Mr.Lagerfeld's alter ego. Lmao , it's extremely cute....and extremely expensive.

The bear is being sold for something along the lines of $1,500.

Peep what it looks like :

Hahahaha , isn't it so cute ? I wonder what I would look like in bear form. Ehhhh , scary thought. Lol. But as adorable as it is , WHO THE HELL IS PAYING OVER A GRAND FOR A DOLL ?!?!?! asshole , that's who.

If you don't know who Karl Lagerfeld is , he's currently the head designer of Chanel , Fendi & if I'm not mistaken , he has a clothing line of his own.

BOTTOM LINE : He's the man , but his doll isn't worth the money. Sorry Karl.

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