Friday, September 5, 2008

David vs. Tiffany. The Face Off !

I was introduced to both David Yurman & Tiffany & Co. jewelry by my mother [ Mama Hollywood =D ] and from that developed a conclusion about both of them.

Tiffany & Co. - beautiful , timeless jewelry that lasts a lifetime.

David Yurman - bold , statement-making jewelry that is a nice fit for every outfit.

Personally , i would take Yurman over Tiffany ANY DAY because to me David Yurman's jewelry has a nice , classy vintage feel to it and its absolutely lovely. My mother owns 2 bracelets & a ring by Yurman & also , she has a shitload of Tiffany jewelry , all which i borrow from her on every occasion i get.

Here are some photographs that i adore from both jewelry makers :

David Yurman =

Tiffany & Co. =

& don't forget the beautiful ' Baby Blue Tiffany ' boxes you receive after a purchase. It came as no surpise when i found out that the EVER-SO TACKY singer Toni Braxton modeled her wedding cake...matter fact her WHOLE FUCKING WEDDING after the color on these boxes. Her wedding cake looked like a tower of Tiffany boxes. The boxes are pretty and all but come'on Toni , that's just retarded.

So anyway , who do you prefer ? Mr.Yurman or Ms. Tiffany ?

Take your opinion a step further here :
Click either name to go there.

Tiffany & Co.

David Yurman.

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