Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Collegiate Classics without looking Uniform"

Welcome back to school"! the words i despise but it is the first day to set your statement. First impression isn't only attitude but its your outfit. To all the high school seniors including my fellow MOB members Saditty and Stylin', congrats for making it this far and i know the two you definitely made your statement but as for others, even seniors haven't as yet. So high school students and even freshmens in there new dorm rooms reading this, education is important but overachieving wont win you points here. The safest and cutest way to look well rounded, chic' and make a wonderful impression is to go PREPPY!. okay your thinking, wtf? thats wack but have fun with it. take preppy standards to school and go all out and have fun with it.

A proper navy blazer with an old fashion oxford and a gold button would make any Ivy League proud.

Places such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Rugby would definitely help you out with this look. Check out some new looks from there Fall 2008 collection

"Accessories are a great place to earn extra style credit" says teen vogue. Scarves and hats are perfect examples.

As for you young wonderful gentlemen who also wants to try the "Preppy Look", here are some looks you can try to put together yourselves.

hoping your first day went well. just try not to fall off after the first day
later biotches

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