Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now She's Ringing Her Own Alarm.

"The dynasty aint complete without a chief like me" says Beyonce in Upgrade you and now shes proving why. R&B artist "B" is ready to come back in to the game and definitely ready to take charge. Beyonce was seen in Harlem yesterday morning shooting her video for one of her first singles off her new album which eligibly should be in stores November 18Th 2008. As you all know, "Stilettos and bags, labels and tags" is one of the mottos and quotes invented by us Most Official Bitches and I'm sure Beyonce feels the same way. But in this video, theres a totally different story. Beyonce rocks tasers, handcuffs and all of those wonderful heavy metal shit that cops carry in the video for the new single "If i were a boy". Hopefully it isn't a mimic of Ciara's "like a boy" which is what some sources are saying. Check her out.

Check her out walking down the steps of a Brownstone on West 119Th Street near Lenox Avenue.

About to get donuts with her fellow blue and whites.

"Freeze bitch"

Look out for the two singles "If i were a boy" and "Singles Ladies" on October 7th 2008.

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