Thursday, September 4, 2008


Did anyone happen to catch the new episode of Project Runway..if not im here to fill you in. The guess judge was Rachel Zoe. In this episode the contestants had to make great clothing from using unconventional car themed materials. =/ tricky you say... Indeed, this challege was said to be fun but while the designers was taking recycled items from the car they thought.. " i dont know what im going to do with this ! "
Many took headlights, seatbeats,and car mats.

Humm how did this turn out you say..
Leanne's dress.. Heidi said "its chic and wearable" Rachel Zoe said " Leanne took a risk, and it paid off!"

Keith's dress...BORING! He got lost with this piece and it became a confusion. He blames it on the model becausee she sat down and busted the skirt in the front and in the back. Keith said a slick remark to the judges, " you should see my other stuff... theres a difference between critisim and insult." Keith felt insulted and also felt the judges were ganging up on him since last week. This is why he was OUT! and Leanne was IN! yay

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