Monday, August 31, 2009

Why are they doing this?

This summer three album have drop or will drop. As a result, ALL of them had leaked songs and if not only a song the whole album. Such as Loso's Way- July 28th had leaked a few songs in which he was furious, Ready Trey Songz August 31st in which his entire album leaked and Blueprint 3 Jay-Z in which four songs leaked. " Why are they doing this? " but can you blame the listeners, we anticipate the album so we listen to the songs simple!
But while I was surfing the net, I came across this picture..
"Should we be worried yet? We can't help but notice that each new track leaked from Jay-Z's upcoming Blueprint 3 (due on September 11) has been worse than the one that preceded it (see above). First Hov gave us the awesome "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)," followed by the nearly as excellent "Run This Town." But this week we got a trio of half-baked Timbaland-produced jams, leaked in ascending order of stinkiness — the so-so "Off That," the totally grating "Reminder," and the snoozy, hookless "Venus vs. Mars,"
Personally I like all his leaked songs " Off That " was great the lyrics are great such as,
" Got a black president, got green presidents ,Blue prints in my white iPod ,Black diamonds in my,Jesus piece, my God ,We ain't tripping off that ,This is a Benetton ad, nigga betta fault that "
Ok. High "yellow" Brod, "black" pres, "white" ipod and "Blue"print = He's trynna say every race is Untied as one like Benetton -- via @Mark_MyWord . I also like Haters - ft Kanye West
Sorry to promote this "leak" but heres a link the listeners can hear these songs

P.S. just got the heads up ALL the songs leaked =[ oh well still buy the album Sept. 11th people!

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