Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dont u love MOB

Okay August by far has saved Summer! This weekend was the best. Friday our Most Official weekend by doing real chill shit with the homie Ife and Cousin making mad jokes =]. Then Saturday, our most official cousin was having the ultimate Jamaican BBQ with endless reggae( for once it was actually kind annoying). Finally, our wonderful friends had the best #kickback pt2.They serve yummy food, space juice, jelly shot and weed cakes/brownies lol. Then it started to rain, but did that stop the party NO!
as Domo dances & Kani watches
The Dagga god himself lol
#wheretheydothatat haha Seems like we were rain dancing and mad it stronger. As usual their music selloff because they love reggae just as much as we do BAP BAP BAP ! lol so shouts to them @AbbeyDaQueen @AshaLovesBk @Tonya_B @TAMARA__B

Mini Photo Shoot lol


  1. Its me the "Dagga God" I love MOB and I think you guys ROCK!!! @Flyestoncampus. GET ON DECK!!!

  2. mob sucks and you suck even more that you jock them so hard - that LEAH is a str8 fake