Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Most Official "Beach" Bums :)

The hot ass 92 degree weather we got on monday had to be taken advantage of immediately. Saddity, Stylin, others and myself decided to head to the beach like everyone else but we didnt want too early or go to the same one as everyone else so we went to Rockaway beach. We got there around 6 pm and alittle after, Quincy, Stormie and Shyanna met us there. We were surrounded by birds who shitted on out sheet, did cartwheels, danced to songs on Quincy's iPhone, took pictures in the sand and even had a race. it was fun and relaxing.

Look who won the race ! :)

maybe the next time, it will be even more fun and even include you.:)

x and o's bitchess

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