Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Our view from the TIP TOP ! ;-)

So much to say about this day I don't know where I should start. Hmmm. Well last week my Most Officials & myself saw a post on http://www.themobliving.com/ in search for a MOST OFFICIAL BITCHES STREET TEAM. If you know us then you know we go hard for MOB, so once we saw that we took that as our cue to get in ASAP. We wasted no time to send emails and go hard for that position. There was so much anticipation we didn't know what to expect. . Of course we all wanted the positions for not only ourself but the 4 of us as a whole. We did our individual emailing just saying why we figure we would fit the slot perfectly, YADDA YADDA YADDA !
We then recieved the BEST response from the lovely Tabatha, where & when we should meet & if we were late then dont bother coming.

The day finally came, TODAY. . We met the Bitch behind it all - LEAH, and the wonderful Most Official Team. Happy? Not the word. . We didn't know what to expect, whether we should be afraid. .or just suck it up! Lol, one thing we did do was be ourselves & they loved that to the fullest ! As soon as we met it's like we clicked & it was smooth sailing from there on...

After that we took our estactic bodies to SoHo where we saw the new & improved Nina Sky !

and the old & rusty Cam'ron =/ . . only thing FRESH about him is that "WELL-BEHAVED BITCHES SELDOM MAKE HISTORY" sticker in his hand. LOL.

Long story short today your girls became the MOST OFFICIAL BITCHES STREET TEAM ! And I cant explain how much we appreciated this ! We ♥ Leah & the MOB family.

x and o's ..

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