Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Wagon Boutique x Union Street

Union Street is a “street couture” concept developed for the urban chic lifestyle. Today’s man is more conscious of his image & personal style more than ever so he will strive to make a statement at any cost. The trend forecasts can feel like a never ending race, but today fit & comfort is critical in Men’s Fashion. UNION STREET is made in the U.S.A. for the chic urban American Man. The brand bares the rugged soul of Crown Heights, Brooklyn while transitioning into Couture, becoming the perfect blend of street wear and high fashion. Popular “Street Artist” & connoisseur, Patrick SpagLO is making a collaborative effort to bring forth a new movement with his retail partner, Julius Benn, a brand developer and co-founder of THE WAGON.

Union Street product info
True love never dies tank (unisex) $40
True love never dies Denim vest $200
Leopard blood crewneck $100
Leopard blood off the shoulder/deep v neck (unisex) $40

Items can be purchased at THE WAGON
1214 Union St, Brooklyn ,N.Y 11225 (tel) 347 529-2030
Patrick SpagLO
Creative Director
1214 Union st
Brooklyn,NY 11225

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