Friday, May 27, 2011

Simmons Sisters x Rolling Out Magazine

Not for anything, I like what the Simmons sisters are doing/stand for. Their young, beautiful, smart, entrepreneurs, and they stand strong in foundation in what they do. Not a lot of young women can say they started on their OWN. I love that. Rolling Out Magazine got the chance to have a fun photoshoot/interview with Angela and Vanessa Simmons.. check it out :)

"Angela and Vanessa are young sexy moguls on the grind. They have embraced the same around-the-clock work ethic that their father, Rev. Run, and uncle, Russell Simmons, used to help build hip-hop’s foundation.

And while being a member of hip-hop’s first family is full of benefits, Angela and Vanessa are paving their own path to success thanks to their $70 million Pastry shoe line."

"As businesswomen who are always on the go, what advice would give to women who are looking to balance a relationship with a hectic schedule?

Vanessa: It’s all about balance and understanding on both sides. You have to have a man who knows what you do and respects that. If he can’t respect that you have to be on the road for two weeks, then he isn’t the man for you. But it comes down to communication. Having love for each other will take you through.

Angela: It’s also about making time. You can always make time for what you want to do. If a person you’re with isn’t making time for you, then you’re wasting your time. Even if I’m working all day, I can take five minutes to call you. It’s all about being on the same page."

"What qualities are attractive in a guy?

Vanessa: A guy needs to make me laugh. He must be loyal. I have to sense and know that you are a loyal person. He also has to stand for something.

Angela: I like a guy who is funny and smart. You don’t have to be a geek, but you have to be open to exploring new things. If you come into it narrow-minded, it’s a waste of time.
Honesty is important too. Even it will hurt my feelings, I’d rather you be honest than to lie to me.

What’s the perfect first date?

Vanessa: A perfect date is when you get to hang out, talk and get to know each other. I’m a dinner person. I love restaurants and exploring different types of cuisines

Angela: Good conversation and good laughs. Pick my brain, let’s talk. I don’t want too much. I like flowers, but don’t come through with one rose and think that this is it. Let’s have a good time and just be yourself."

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